Thursday, June 24, 2010

Page 186.

I am afraid I have a confession to make. One that may surprise or shock each reader. I have been having a love affair for a few months now. Yes, that's right. A love affair...with a book! It began with only a page or two, here or there. Then I got attaced..very attached. It soon became something much more. If you have ever read something that is so good, that you begin to bring it everywhere you go, that's a good read. I brought it to the allergy doctor with me, I brought it to work with me, I brought it to the ball park with me, I brought it with me when I got a pedicure, (I haven't had a pedicure in about five years...awesome!) and of course I read it every night when I went to bed. Last night was a pivital moment in my relationship with the book. A sad moment. I was happily reading page 186, when I glanced over to the next page, and saw that one horrible word, I wasn't prepared to see...Conclusion. What? You mean to tell me it's over. It pained me to see that our time was about to be up. I closed the book and went to sleep, a little depressed...o.k. alot depressed. I woke up this morning and started the coffee. (So tired, I might add, that I began filling it with ice cubes out of the refrigerator, instead of the water...note to self:open eyes and turn on light before fixing coffee.) I went back into my room, and noticed my book sitting on my night stand. Telling myself that I had to finish the book, was not an easy thing to do. (If you have ever argued with me before, I don't go down without a fight.) I picked up the book and my journal, and placed them both on the kitchen table. I fixed my second cup of coffee and stared at the book lying on the table, dreading what was about to happen. I took a deep breath, let it out, and walked over to the table. I sat down, with coffee in hand, and opened the book to finish reading. I did it. It was over. Sadness filled the room. Finishing the book was bittersweet. Sort of, like finishing off a piece of chocholate mousse pie. It's good up until the last bite hits your tastebuds. You swallow the last bite and realize it is over. Finished. No more. There is sadness--but then again, you are satisfied and full. I can't say enough about the book that I just read. Freshed Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson. I had the privelege of meeting her at our church a couple of months ago. Her sweet smile is as fresh as the morning dew, and you see it on every page of her book. It was one of those books, that I would pick up time and time again. One that I want to buy an entire crate full, just to hand out to all of my girlfriends. One that I will wear on my heart for a while. It was one of those books, that makes you reevaluate who you are and what God has created you to be. One that inspires you to be a better person, and motivates you to make a difference. I found a new love within the pages of the book, a love for me. It was well worth every minute I spent reading it. One of my newest journeys, has been to begin to write a book. Not sure where this journey will take me, but if it is anything close to where this blog has brought me, I am up for the ride! I'm finding out that with everything else in life, it is a process. Patience is something God is really teaching me about. It doesn't come easy, but if you wait on Him, it will come. I want to write the kind of book that will change someone's world. O.K.--that might be a stretch. If it changes a heart or two, and causes them to draw closer to God, I will be happy. The truth is, we all have a book inside of us. It is the story of our life, and God is the author. We all have situations that we have lived through, that can be inspirational to someone else. We have love to offer, where there is empty space. We can offer hope where there is despair. Write your life down, even if it is only in a journal, for you to privately read. After writing a few pages, read it back to yourself. You'd be amazed and inspired to see where God has brought you from, and excited to see where He is taking you. I am looking forward to where the newest chapter in my life will take me. With God... everyday is inviting. Everyday is an adventure! Instead of a scripture today, I leave you with a sip of Freshed Brewed Life: This first cup of fresh-brewed life is the most important cup in the whole book. Surrendering to God is the key that unlocks the door to the life you want. A bigger spiritual "to do" list or a calendar full of church activities will not change our lives. When we give ourselves to God--mind, body, soul, and spirit--He changes us. We cannot change ourselves. We don't have enough spiritual stamina to change ourselves, let alone another person or the world. But when the walls come down and He has access to the deepest parts of who we are, His love courses through us in a cleansing, holy way. And we are different because of it. Stronger, richer. As different as instant coffee is from fresh-brewed. We become a full cup of steaming, inviting life. ------Nicole Johnson


  1. Loved your post. I too have had a love affair with a book before and it is a wonderful feeling. I journal as well. I used to do it all in I blog and feel such a power as I spin my story onto the screen. Somedays I get comments from people...other is for me only and I don't care if anyone comments. I have just been through a year where my father was diagnosed, went through chemo/radiation and died. My parents disappeared for 48 hours and I had to physically search for them, my mother was placed in a dementia unit at a nursing home...without scriptures and God on my side I would have been committed a loony bin...and blogging has given me an outlet to tell others about my experiences....I am your newest follower. Drop by and see my blog sometime. God Bless You.

  2. Awesome! I love this book too!


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