Friday, July 23, 2010

Leaving me speechless...

There are many things that my children have done, that I am very proud of. Kaitlyn is an artist and recieved first place, on her first oil painting at the age of eleven. That makes me proud. Amber recieved the chorus award for the best female vocalist in her junior class this past year. That makes me proud. Mason hit a triple while playing his first season of baseball, this past season. That makes me proud. Kaitlyn is very generous and loves to cook for all of us. Mason is the first person in the house to give a compliment when one of us have accomplished something great...or small. Amber is quick to grab a batch of laundry and start folding it, without being told to do so. All of these are things that happen on a daily or weekly basis and they make me very proud of being their mother. It is great to see these things develop inside of them, because it's not always present, in our crazy hectic lives. Some days are filled with arguing, yelling, feet stomping, and doors slamming. But, every once in a while, one of them does something that absolutelly leaves me speechless as a parent. Yesterday, was one of those days that I could have dug a hole, and buried my head in the dirt, like an ostrich. I had a situation I was dealing with, and it was taking a toll on me emotionally. I couldn't stop crying. I posted on FB that I had "a heavy heart". I began to get a sprinkle of messages from my FB friends. Then...I got a text message. It was from my oldest daughter Amber. She wrote, "What is wrong Mom?" I responded that it was nothing and didn't want to talk about it. She responded, "I will be praying, and when you are ready, we can talk about it." I thanked her and put the phone down. Not long after, she came home from work. I opened the door to let her in, and turned around to walk back into the laundry room. She followed me. "Are you ok Mom? Do you want to talk about it?" I declined and walked away. A few minutes later I walked in her room to give her some clothes I had folded for her. She moved some stuff on her bed for me to sit down. I sat down and the tears began to fall. I told her the just of what I was feeling. She just listened. When I was finished, she paused, then began to speak softly to me and minister to my hurting heart. After we were finished, I gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek, thanked her and told her she was a great daughter. She responded, "Aww thanks, but you are a better Mom." I walked away in awe. Here I am the mother, and I got ministered to by my daughter. I was speechless at that point. So... I thought about it. You know, parenting is not always easy. It's not always fun. It can be trying and cause you to possibly need medication at times. There are days that I think to myself, "I have told them 1,000 times. They still don't get it." But...I realized yesterday, that they eventually do. We have done our best to teach our kids to think of other people first, using compassion to see someone else's pain. Not to be selfish, expecially when they have so much to give others. We teach them to share Jesus with everyone...anyone. We teach them to love in a way that Jesus would have them to. We tell them to seek out what it is that God would have them to do, in all situations. We teach them to all things. I am proud to say, that Amber has got it! She not only got it, but she used every thing we have tried to teach her...on me. She prayed for me. She listened to me. She gave up her time for me. She ministered to me. She gave me love and compassion with an unselfish heart. She got it! We may not see the things we are trying to instill in our kids, on a daily basis, but it is sinking in...slowly. And one day...if we continue to be diligent...they will get it. They will live it. It will become a natural part of who they are. Don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results. Keep pressing on. Don't stop. But, that also goes for the negative that we show them. So...we must be careful of what they see, what they hear, and what we do. Because even when we can't see or don't realize...they are listening and watching us. We need to make sure that we are instilling the right things...not the wrong ones. And if we due time...we will see amazing results that will leave us speechless. Phillippians 2:13, "For it is God who works in you both to will and to do His good pleasure." Proverbs 22:6, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Lord...continue to guide me to be the parent that you want me to be. Help me to continue to instill in my children...above all...your love and your law. So that one day...they will minister to others on your behalf. Below is another proud moment as a parent. Amber has been writing songs since the age of 11. She wrote this song a few months ago. I am proud to say that she is officially a songwriter listed with the U.S. Copyright Office. I wanted to share this with you. Here is her debut performance on Youtube singing...Resurrect This Heart. I hope it ministers to you.

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