Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cut, Baby Cut!

There she is folks. My daughter Amber, on her first day of her Senior year of highschool. What a huge milestone! What an accomplishment! She has worked so hard to get to this point in her life, and she has finally done it. We are very proud parents. She told me that she didn't sleep much the night before, because she was so excited to officially be a senior. You know how it is to be a part of the "upper" class at your school. We have all been there before. The feeling of pride wailing up inside of you. You walk more confident. You feel more confident. You are more confident! I mean come on...Seniors Rule! Right? Amber came home from her first day with a big smile on her face. She said it was a good day and a great feeling being a senior...finally. There was only one problem. She said her other Senior friends threatened to disown her. Imagine my horror! What?!! Yep! They said that there were certain responsibilities. priveleges and rights that came with being a senior, the oldest classman in the school. They said she was not living up to one of those earned responsibilities. They told her that she would be banned from their group if she did not start living up to it. I was in shock... Amber has always been a great kid. Excusing a few "teenage" moments or, should I say "tantrums", she has been a great girl. She has always been one to tell the truth. I remember many times over the past few years, when she would come to me crying after we had a talk about something. She would tell me that there was something she had to tell me. I was worried at times, not knowing what was going on. Then she would proceed to tell me, that she had lied to me about something in the previous conversation. She couldn't lie. It just wasn't in her. This went on and for years. She got a little braver as she got older, but has done a pretty good job sticking to telling the truth and walking a pretty good path in her life. ( We won't discuss her cell phone issues because I am trying to brag at this point, paint a pretty picture and that might ruin it for her. LOL) Her honesty has been a huge asset in her life, but I am afraid...it just might get her kicked out of her Senior class... It was time for lunch. Amber was standing in the lunch line waiting to get her lunch tray. She looked over the wall barrier and most of her Senior friends were already sitting at the table. As she stood in line, a Senior would pass her up, from time to time, and move forward in the line. They urged Amber to follow, but she wouldn't...she couldn't. She refused to "cut" in the lunch line. She eventually arrived to the Senior table to sit down with her tray and eat her lunch. Her fellow Seniors were growling at her as she sat down. One of them spoke up and told her, "This is the last time we will wait for you to eat Amber. You are a Senior now, and you are going to have to learn how to cut in line! It's our right as Seniors!" Amber's head fell down in dissapointment as she said, "But, those little kids looked so hungry. I felt bad cutting in line." "Well aren't you hungry Amber?" her classmate asked. "Well....yeh, but they are so small and they looked really hungry. I just couldn't. They even offered me to go ahead, but I just couldn't cut in front of them yah" she said. "Well you have to make a choice Amber. You either cut in line or you eat alone" her friend exclaimed. Now here is a moment in a parent's life, where we should feel prouder than anything to have our child obey the honor system. We should encourage them to uphold to their instinct and do what is right. Right?! Well.....I have got to be truthful at this point, I can't lie. I have to do what my heart is telling me to...and that is...to tell her at this very moment...CUT, BABY CUT!!! There it is! I said it! I don't want her to cut in line, because I think her friends are going to disown her, or that I fear her eating alone. I'm pretty sure at this point I would not be creating a "lunch room vigilante" if I encouraged her to cut in line. I want her to do it, because she deserves it. It's been a long time coming. She has worked hard to get where she is. She never quit. She never gave up. She deserves a little clout I think. I think she needs to enjoy the little perks that come along with being the upper classman. Now..if she were going around shoving little kids on to the floor yelling obscenities...then we would have a problem. But, I know her better than that. I also know that her friends are just messing with her. I have to say that she is sharing her Senior year with an awesome group of young adults. I am proud of all of them...all 29 of them! (It's a small school) I also don't think that it is going against our moral fiber to tell her to "cut" in line...especially when the other kids in line are giving her permission. Perhaps, they think she deserves to "cut" in line too. I am super proud of Amber...not just because she is graduating from highschool. But, because of the person she has graduated into. Congratulations Amber! Enjoy your Senior year to the fullest. May this be a memorable finale leading up to the next journey God has in store for you. And...as for the lunch line...cut, baby cut! Proverbs 12:22, "The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful." Ephesians 4:25, "Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbor, for we are all members of one body."

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