Friday, November 5, 2010

Follower or stalker?

My husband makes me giggle all the time. He says things that make me roll over in laughter. He has been one of my biggest supporters since I started my blog, he even helped me think of the title for it. He's pretty awesome. But...there is a downside to it. Even though he supports my writing 150%...he thinks the computer is the devil. He even calls it "Satan". When he comes into my office, he says..."Oh, spending more time with Satan are you?" It's quite funny if you think about it. He just doesn't care for computers, never has...and probably never will. My youngest daughter gets very excited when I get a new follower on my blog. She keeps up with the people who are following me, "Just in case some weirdo comes along", she says. It's like she is my mini-publicist. She is so cute! My husband, on the other hand, has his own opinion about "followers". He says...and I quote..."I don't like when you say followers, it sounds like you are being stalked by someone. Maybe you should call them stalkers." He makes me laugh. I guess I shouldn't tell him how many blogs I "stalk". He might think differently of me...LOL Me...being the freakish lover of words that I am, decided to look up the definitions of each. Follower- 1. a person or thing that follows. 2. a person who follows another in regard to his or her ideas or belief; disciple 3. a person who imitates, copies, or takes as a model or idea; 4. an attendant, a servant Stalker- 1. one who goes after, or pursues someone Mmmmm?................. This got me thinking...and thinking hard. Am I a true follower of Jesus Christ? Do I follow Him...everywhere? Do I take a screeching hault when He asks me to go a certain place or witness to a certain person? I know I follow His beliefs and I am His disciple. But, at I follow my own beliefs or make rules up as I go along, to satisfy my own need at the time? I do imitate Jesus...preaching the Gospel to those in need of a Savior. But, at times, do I imitate others that I probably shouldn't be? Am I true to my Jesus? Or true to myself? I claim to be His servant...but then find myself complaining at times when I have been called to serve others. Am I a true stalker of Jesus Christ? Do I pursue Him and go after Him at all cost? Do I drop everything that I own, to allow Him to take ownership of me? God desires consistency from us. Partial disobedience. We were created to follow Him. We were created to stalk Him.
Follow. Believe. Disciple. Imitate. Copy. Model. Attend. Serve. Pursue. Go after!
I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a stalker of Jesus Christ.
Mark 8:34-35
If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life, will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel's will save it.


  1. New Friend From Thailand.
    Found you at BlogFrog.
    Look forward to reading your blog.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog.

    Your post was "right on the mark"...and definitely made me think. For sure, I am a follower of my Lord and Saviour. But I don't think I will look at my blog the same LOL.

    Have a blessed weekend.


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