Friday, October 14, 2011

Fabulous Blog Friday!!

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I'm glad you are here!


As promised, today is Fabulous Blog Friday!
It's where I showcase my most-favorite blog of the week.

Well, it's your lucky day, because I chose two for this week!

I normally like to stick to the routine,
but I am trying to live outside of the box a bit, and I just couldn't help myself!

Once you read'll just KNOW that it was meant to be for me to have TWO blogs shared this week.

My first Fabulous Blog choice for this week is Ann Voskamp's blog, A Holy Experience.

I began following Ann quite a few months back, and she has never been a disappointment.
It's one of the first blogs I read every morning and it fills my heart with delight.

She speaks soft and gentle wisdom from a Savior loving heart.

She is a farmer's wife, a mother, a teacher to her six homeschooled children, a writer, an editor and a speaker.

Her words have left me with tears running down my cheeks, a grin smiling to my ears, and a melody of grace on my heart.

My children even know the sound of the melody that plays when you arrive on her blog.
I thought I might keep her all to myself, and not share her blog, but again...He offers grace in every area.

(Plus she has 4,750 other followers who probably feel the same way as I do.)

This week's choice post is titled Slowing To See the Fullness of Life.

Won't you click the link below and meet Ann.

Take a moment to slow down a bit in your own life, to see it's Fullness unveiled.

One of my favorite past times is laughter.
God's Word speaks of laughter as "good for the heart", and a "good medicine".

His Word holds all truth...

because laughter is the best thing ever!

I believe we should do it often, and do it well.

My second Fabulous Blog choice is written by probably, one of the funniest people my giggle-box has ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I found him, well...I don't really remember how I found him, but I am SO GLAD that I did.

His name is Tyler Tarver.
He is a beautiful mixture of all things fabulous!
He exumes comedic greatness!!
If you appreciate crazy unstoppable idiotic comedy...then you will appreciate his gift of humor.


That's him right there in the Star Wars get up.

He's hilarious!
I love, love, love this dude!

(Not in a wierd, freakish-stalkish kind of way...I mean, come on, that's just nuts! right?)

He is a writer, a teacher, a comedian, a short- film producer, a husband, a father,  a photographer and a lover of Jesus.

I just so happened to check out his blog yesterday, as I was trying to make this week's choice for Fabulous Blog Friday, when I came across a little piece of heaven!

In that I mean...
the Heavens actually opened up, it's bright light shined down, angels began singing and this video clip fell into my lap.

AKA "a little piece of heaven".

If you read my blog from yesterday,
 you know that I am in the midst of the Great Algebra Depression of 2011, doing my best to teach my daughter Algebraic wisdom after 20 Algebra-free years.

(I'm slowly, but surely finding the Joy in that.)


This guy, this most wonderful guy,



It's Christmas in October!!
He even has these great videos on his site, where he teaches Algebra.

That's right.
He. Teaches. Algebra.

Laughter and Algebra!!!
As one!

That's almost as good as the great food duo of Chocolate and Peanut Butter...but it's not, so let's move on.

Where was I?
Oh yeah...

It's like God Himself handed me a gift wrapped up in... 

I posted one of his Algebra videos just in case, you too are a homeschooling mom, in the wrestling rink, in a choke hold, with math at the moment.

If not, keep his link for future use.
We plan on watching today!
During Algebra!

Hope you enjoy this week's selections!  Please share with a friend.
(See there, I'm learning to share more and more.)

Have a super blessed weekend!

Don't forget to Choose Joy!


  1. Ann is a sweetheart. Tyler's new to me, so I'm off to check out his blog.

  2. I am honored and humbled and a person.

    Thank you with all my heart and that guy's heart.


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