Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The love of a child

There are probably, only a couple handfulls of people, that I can truly be myself around. You know, the honest to God me. The me, that is goofy and clumsy. The me, that occasionally loves to pretend, that I am on a stage singing opera. I can hit some really high notes. (No joking) Three of those people, are my kids. There is nothing more humbling than the straightforwardness your kids give, bringing you down a notch or two. They truly see you for who you are, when no one else is looking. They see me when I am being silly, and possibly very stupid, dancing around the livingroom to a song at the end of a movie. They see me when I wake up in the morning, with my "Medusa" hairdo, and still come up to me and give me a morning hug. Or, like my two older daughters do, grab their belly in laughter. They deal with me before I have had my first cup of coffee in the morning, which on most days, isn't very pleasant. They hear me "fart" in the kitchen. Yes..I do that, and they fuss at me everytime, while running in all different directions, out of the pathway of the smell. They see me when I lose my temper, because they didn't do all the chores they were suppose to, then remind me that, "Mom, tomorrow is another day". They hear me crying when it seems as though my world is caving in on me, and lend their shoulder, or tap me on the back and say, "Aww Mom, it will be o.k.". They see me when I am being silly, trying to impersonate my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, then remind me that I am "so lame". They see me when I am reading their text messages, or asking too many questions about their life, then they say, "Gosh Mom, you are so annoying!" They see me when I make a mistake, and accuse them of something that was not fair, and then be sure not to rub it in my face, when I apologize for it. They see me when I am trying to juggle the world in my hands, and then remind me that I don't have to be perfect all the time. They see me, for the thousandth time, trying to lose a little weight, and remind me that I am beautiful just the way I am. They see me when I am trying to water the plants outside, while supper is cooking on the stove, and end up burning the beans, and smell the entire house up with the burnt smell. They laugh it off, and help me open another can of vegetables. They see me when they ask me for help on their homework, and I say, "Mmm? Let's ask your dad", and they still think I am smart. They see me when I read my bible, and when I don't. They see me tapping away on my computer to write this blog, and support me every step of the way. They see me when I am at my weakest moments, my strongest moments, my silliest moments, my stupidest moments, my most aggravating moments, my most angry moments, my most embarassing moments,my most tired moments, and my most smelliest moments. But, they still love me and call me Mom. They still run to me when they need to talk. They still love to sit with me and watch their favorite movie. They still want me next to them when they are feeling sick. They still share their deepest, most intimate, secrets and fears with me. They still want me to be there to watch every singing performance, every art show, and every baseball game. They still want me, because I am me. I'm never perfect and sometimes not the smartest, but I am all theirs. They love me for what I am, and for what I'm not. Isn't that so perfect, in describing the love of God for us? HIS love for us, is that unconditional and perfect. In celebration of this year's Mother's Day, I would like to honor my kids. The love that they share, so pure, so innocent, so forgiving, so perfect...is just like God's love. They make me so proud to be their Mom, in the way that they love so unconditionally. Hug your kids today, and thank them for loving you! Dear Lord, help me to be the person that my kids think I am. Help me to continue to raise them and lead them into the path that you have for them. Help me to direct them to their purpose in you. Help me to forever show them, the kind of love that you show us. Continue to help me show them that there is no prejudism in that love. Thank you for filling my cup to overflowing, with their love. Thank you for allowing me to be their Mom. In Jesus' name...Amen!

Proverbs 31:28, "Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her." Psalm 13:6, "I will sing to the Lord for he has been good to me."

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