Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The best things in life...

The best things in life....... Watching the sunrise over the lake while sitting on my husband's lap. Sneaking a kiss while we cook supper together. Getting that first hug from my kids when we've all been away from eachother for the weekend. Catching my husband staring at me without any reason at all, but to just look at me. Watching an entire movie without having to pause it to go to the bathroom. Feeling the water splash in my face, while riding the jetski...and giggling outloud to myself. Hearing my children say that they missed me, while they were away. Hearing the sound of their giggles. Watching them get along and laughing together. My dogs being excited to see me when I walk through the door, even if I've only been gone an hour. When my husband makes the coffee and brings me a fresh steamy cup full. The sound of my daughter's voice singing. The conversation at our dinner table. Midday calls from my husband, just to check on how my day is going. My goodmorning text from my daughter each day. Hearing the words "I love you". The sound of worship music already playing, when I walk in late for church. The sound of my husband's voice as he says my name. The smell of fresh cut grass...even though I am highly allergic. Laughing hysterically over a lot of nothing with my sisters. Finishing a good book. Knowing that my Savior lives. The smell of a pot of fresh brewed community coffee. Knowing that when I feel alone...God is right there with me. The first bite of a peach. Soaking in a hot bath. A hand written love note from my husband. The freedom to worship anytime, anywhere. The smell of a newborn baby. A handmade card from my kids. Coffee talk with my husband early in the morning, when the kids are still asleep. An answered prayer. Watching the rain fall. Receiving a scripture in a text message from a friend. Singing along to my favorite song on the way to work. Watching my children as they sleep. Finding forgiveness. Reading a scripture a dozen times...then finally getting it. Finding money that I hid in my wallet. (weeks later) Seeing family that I haven't seen in a while. The end of a long work day. Tucking my kids in to bed with a goodnight kiss and a prayer. Flipping my pillow over in the middle of the night to the cool side. Loving advice from a good friend. A confirmation. A revelation. The first day of vacation. The words..."thank you". Watching someone get baptized. Imagining the angels rejoicing in heaven as a new soul is saved. Blogging. Living. Love. They say the best things in life...are free. I believe it! Dear God...continue to show me that the simple things in life, are the things that matter most. Help me to never lose sight of how you are present in all things...big and small. Psalm 116:6, "The Lord protects the simple hearted, when I was in great need, he saved me."

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