Friday, September 17, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes...

Things I am learning (or have learned) from my kids: If I have to ask if I am a "cool mom", that means I'm not. Gangster is no longer pronounced "Gangsta'", it's "G". I'm annoying. You can have at least 12 to 15 BFFs at one time. I thought that "Best" meant the best. Go figure. Me breaking out in a dance of any kind, at any moment, any where, is not allowed. If I tell their Dad "I love you" and give him a kiss, it apparently brings them to "nausea". Farting in the kitchen is not welcome in our house. If I say that I am a "cool" parent, that means I am lame. Hugging goodbye when I drop them off at school stops in the third grade, but a "blown kiss" when no one is looking is still o.k. My back side is so large that it needs it's own social security number. They can barge in on me in the bathroom (while I'm doing my business) to ask questions like, "What's for supper?" or "Do you know where my flip-flops are?", but I have to knock before entering their bedroom so not to catch them "undisposed". I'm old...very old. Dad makes better burgers than me. I can listen to them talk for hours, hours! But, I am not allowed to ask questions because I am getting "all up in their business". Seriously? --------------But, on the other hand...I have learned... I'm the one they run to when they need something... anything. They know I will listen to them for hours and then I'll pray. I'm still Mason's BFF. (the only one) Friendship comes with time, patience and love. I make the best chocolate chip pancakes on the planet. Knowing all the answers, to all the questions they ask about life, isn't as important as spending time laughing and being goofy with them. I'm beautiful in their eyes. I'm still old. They feel comfortable enough with me, to dance anytime they want to. They love my hugs and kisses. We laugh at inside jokes all the time...even in public. They respect me for respecting them. They will always need me for something. (smiley face) Kaitlyn calls me every day when she gets home to tell me about her day. When no one is around...they tell me I am a cool mom. They KNOW I love them! Amber says she wants to have a servant's heart like me one day. My backside? Is still huge... *No matter where you are with your kids, just be glad that you are with them. My kids are the greatest, when they think I am cool, or even when they don't. They have given me the best moments in my life...hands down!! And for that, I lift my hands in praise to God! Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

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