Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Like sticky bugs...

Every once in a while, a sentence, or phrase comes along that sticks to me like glue. Ya know...sort of like those dead bugs smashed into your front bumper. Not the ones you can remove with the power wash gun at the local carwash. The ones that stick so badly they become part of the lovely paint job of your car...forever. Yes...that kind of sticky. Anywho... There is this lovely lady that I know...only through blogging and facebook that is, that writes an amazingly funny and enlightening blog. You may meet her here: VELOUR BLOG I found her blog through another blog, through another blog...and then found out we attend the same church. (My heart skipped a beat) She keeps my laughing muscles in shape. If you know me and how much I love to laugh...then you know why I love her so. I simply adore her... but, not in the crazy stalkish way, cuz that would be wa--eer--dduh. (Wink, wink.) She wrote a blog the other day that contained a small phrase in it and I guarantee you, like those bugs...this will be with me for life!--except much more pleasantly than those bugs. :) Said phrase: "I love that He comes for me." Sigh with long pause................................ Isn't that simply divine... I love that He comes for me. He comes for me. Me. The "He" who created the infinite universe and placed each star in the sky, who can breathe life and death with only a whisper, who created the beginning and the end and everything inbetween...comes for ME. Me. Moi... And why? Becuase, I have done nothing to deserve it. Nothing. Grace. Simply grace. I love that He comes for me... What a sweet, sweet revelation. When He comes for you...find freedom in His grace. John 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 1;16 Out of his fullness we have ALL received grace in place of grace already given. **A special thanks to Jodie at Velour Blog for sharing your life and laughter with us.

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