Sunday, January 2, 2011

What ya' didn't know...but do now.

Well's January. 2011.
It still doesn't sound right or look right.
It will take some time.
I thought that I would share some interesting facts that you may not know about the month of January.
WARNING: These are all facts that somehow appeal to my wierd sense of humor.
So hold on to your seats...
Here it goes...
Comes from the Latin word for "door". January is the door to the year.
It is...
National Meat Month (Chicken is my fave)
Prune Breakfast Month (I think I'll pass)
Wheat Bread Month
Fiber Focus Month (ehemm...I'm sensing a pattern here. As they say...out with the old, in with the new.)
Clown Month
Crime Stoppers Month ( whole month. That's great.)
Bath Safety Month (Yes...because bathtubs are that dangerous.)
The weeks:
First week--Diet Resolution Week (cough, cough)
Second week--National Pizza Week (now we're talkin')
Third Week--National Book Week & Cuckoo Dancing Week celebrating Laurel and Hardy movies (my Dad would love that week)
Fourth Week--Celebrity Read A Book Week (cricket, cricket)
The Days:
January 5th--1956, Snoopy first walks on two legs in the Peanuts cartoon strip.
January 6th--Bean Day (more fiber!)
January 8th--Rock & Roll Day
January 9th--First Income Tax in 1799 (aint that depressing)
January 10th--Where's the Beef Day (It's meat month people!)
January 14th--Clean Off Your Desk Day (A hoarder's nightmare)
January 15th--1967, First Superbowl Game (Are ya ready for some football?!)
January 18th--Winnie The Pooh Day
January 19th--Popcorn Day
January 21st--Hugging Day (smiley face)
January 24th--First Heart Transplant in 1964
Celebrity birthdays:
January 2nd--Frankie Stelly (Hey...he's a celebrity in our house)
January 8th--Elvis
January 1oth--Frank Sinatra
January 13th--Julie Louis Dreyfus
January 17th--Jim Carrey
January 31st--Amber Stelly (my house is filled with celebrities)
So there you have it...January at it's best!!
Hope it is filled with blessings!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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