Wednesday, February 9, 2011

He is so good to me!

This is JODIE. She is my new Favo-right friend. I met her on her blog, which I found through another friend's blog. We had an immediate connection. Okay, maybe it was more ME, but we definitely hit it off. She made me laugh. That's pretty much all it takes to win my heart. And she did just that. She and I have the same love for humor. Life is a big bowl of love and laughter. And I want to SWIM in it! She feels the same way. We speak the same language...Laugh-a-neze. She has been tickling my funny bone ever since.
We chatted back and forth for a few months through blogging or on facebook. It was as though we had been separated at birth. She is a twin, so I assumed I was the missing triplet. I mean...come on, we look so much's so obvious. It's just down right scarey how much we resemble one another.
(cricket, cricket)
After a few months of me stalking...ehemm, cough...cough...I mean, reading her blog...I found out the greatest news. I found out that we attended the same CHURCH.
I know right!
I was so excited to know, that I had possibly rubbed elbows with her in the hallway, or sat only a few rows in front or behind her, or washed my hands in the same sink as her...GASP...and I didn't even know it. How exciting huh?!! Okay...more like freakishly obsessive, but whatever...just go with it.
Our excitement mounted...
We chatted back and forth on facebook, about possibly trying to meet in front of the church or something like that, but never got the chance to actually do it. We are both ver-ry popular, high-profile moms and wives, and having us both in the same room, with all the papparazzi and the cameras flashing...well, it would have just been a huge mess.
No really...
Our schedules wouldn't allow it.
But, then...
We got the greatest news EVAH'!! Evvvaaa-aa-aaahhh'...sang in my best opera voice.
We were both asked to be writers on the women's ministry blog for our church. You know the one that I have mentioned about 100 times already, that you make check out here-->The Joli Blog.
So, yeh! How cool was that!
It was destiny! Ooooh,'s gets better.
Then we found out that our blog producer wanted all of us to meet for coffee to talk about the plans for the blog.
Could life get any better? Meeting my new friend...and drinking coffee...all at the same time. I could have pinched myself! I felt like God was smiling down on me. He had given me this new special friend through the most unusual way, who shared the love of joy with me, and we were finally going to meet face to face.
Be still my heart!!!
Yep...there's a "but"
The day of the "coffee talk" was the same day as my out-of-town family reunion.
You guessed it.
We missed the mark again.
(sad face)
But, we still had our blogs and our facebook chat to look forward to. That in itself was a blessing.
Our women's ministry blog began and the followers started to add up. Amen!! We both have been busy with our families and have chatted a line or two, once a week or so. I was happy with whatever I could get out of our new friendship.
I had signed up for a choir group months ago with another friend of mine. Who also, by the HU-LAIR-EE-US! We laugh like lunatics everytime we are together. Oh wait..or is it that we ARE lunatics and so we laugh about that? HA! Anyway...we both have always had a love for singing and decided to jump in with both feet and join the choir. The choir combines different area churches and creates one huge celebration of worship. United! Just like God intended it to be. We were excited to be a part of it and it was time for our first rehearsal.
I was in my room getting dressed and spoofin' myself up a bit before my friend picked me up. Ya know...cuz I gots to represent. (smiley face)
I thought of Jodie.
I told God, "It would be so neat if Jodie would be there tonight Lord. You know how much I have wanted to meet my friend face to face, so if you could do that for me...I would greatly appreciate it."
God has a way of blessing us with the smallest, eensy-weensy requests we ask of Him, even if we might think they are too small to even bring up. He knows our hearts and wants to fill them overflowing.
We arrived at the church for the choir practice, and visited with a few people. We heard an amazing testimony from a little old lady named Mrs. Shirley. She and her husband were evacuees from New Orleans and had been married for 56 years. Wow!! I hope to get her permission to blog about her testimony in the upcoming weeks. You WON'T want to miss that one!
We walked down the hallway and into the choir room. I had just put down my purse, taken off my sweater, placed it on the back of my chair, and turned around, when I saw...
Yep. Her.
Jodie had just walked in the door on the opposite end of the choir room.
My heart dropped.
A huge grin took capture of my entire face.
I wanted to cry.
We noticed eachother immediately, said eachother's names with excitement, walked towards eachother and hugged tightly.
I whispered in her ear, "I prayed that you would be here tonight. I can't believe you're here."--which I might add, could have sent her running for the hills in fear, but it didn't...she was just as happy and delighted as I was. That's how great she is. (smiley face
God has a way of fulfilling the smallest desires of our heart.
The smallest.
The rest of the night was filled with lots of singing and tons of laughter. It were as though we had known one another forever. Our idea of destiny, was actually more like God's perfect timing.
And to top it all off...I was able to get to know another sweet friend named Kari. I'd like to call her My Lil' Lagniappe from the Lord. She is the beez-kneez.
My God.
He is so good to me!
Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Jeremiah 31:3 The Lord said to Israel, "I have lloved you my people, with an everylasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.


  1. Oh, so SHE is your FAVO-RITE friend. OK, I see how it is. ;)

  2. I'm just wondering.. where do I fit in in all of this? Hmmmm? ;~)

  3. You have NO IDEA how this blesses my lil' tiny heart! A whole post about ME! Well, garsh. And you know, I didn't hear you say that in my ear... but I can assure you, it would not have sent me running for the hills! I'd have just marveled, like I did reading it today. How sweet that you prayed for it! How sweet that He gave it to you! You must be His favorite. :) I am so glad we finally met. This friendship is going places. I just know it. :) YOU, my friend, are such a sweet treat to me.


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