Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The pizza guy.

I do not like fighting.
I am not a confrontational person.
I think I have only gotten in one physical altercation in my entire life, and that was with my sister...so I don't even think that counts.
I grew up with lots of drama in our home.
I didn't like it then, I don't like it now.
If I am somewhere and a fight breaks out, or an argument or altercation begins between two people, I'm usually the one that slowly sneaks outside and gets into her car to leave.
Avoiding it. That should fix it.
I love football.
My love/obsession began when I was pregnant with my son.
We waited to find out what he was until delivery.
When I began to have the desire to watch football while pregnant...it should have been a red flag screaming, "It's a boy!"
It grew into a huge hobbie for me. When I hear the "Are You Ready For Some Football" song...my heart beats fast with excitement. I watch just about every game on T.V., have the NFL homepage as one of my favorites on my laptop and I even buy sports illustrated magazine to check up on all the players and stats.
I know...wierd.
I love pizza.
Maybe because of it's ooey gooey cheezy goodness...or maybe just because it goes with football. Not sure. When I hear a football commercial...I crave pizza. When I see a pizza commercial...I want to watch a game. Again. Wierd.
This past Sunday was SuperBowl...one of the greatest days of the year.
My team won by the way...Go Packers!!
We decided to go to a friend's house to watch the game. I was in charge of the pizza. The most precious cargo of the gaming festivities.
I called an hour and a half ahead of time to order the pizza. Got all the favorites. We were set. I left to go pick up the pizza. I drove up to the drive through window and asked for my order. He informed me that it was not ready due to the fact that he wasn't sure what time I would be there.
Huh...that's strange.
On account of I called AHEAD of time to order it for a specific TIME!
Trying not to panic...
He assured me that it would be out in a few minutes.
I waited.
Aha...pizza was ready.
Football time!!
Except...one small problem...it wasn't my order.
They had gotten the entire order wrong!!
Apologies were given and I jokingly said, "Okay guys, let's not make me miss the game. It's the Superbowl."
He assured me that it would be done in seven minutes.
I asked him if I should wait in the drive through or park.
"Whatever you want maam." he said.
I parked...
right in front of the window so I could see when my pizza was ready.
I waited. And waited.
I watched my clock.
It kept moving and moving.
It would soon be kickoff time.
I began to sweat.
I decided to park near the entrance of the building and calmly walk inside to check on the pizza order.
I walked in.
The pizza guy's face dropped.
"I'm checking on my pizza", I said.
Then he proceeded to open his mouth and say these words, "Oh. I thought you left."
Everything got quiet.
Things began to move in slow motion.
I think I may have even blacked out for a second or two.
"What?!" I asked.
"I thought you left." he repeated.
"Left?!!!! Where would I go? I didn't get my pizza." I said with great emotion.
"I thought you left so I didn't make it." he said.
Again...another black out moment.
"So... you thought I left. I have no pizza. AND I'm about to miss THE kickoff on the biggest GAME of the year!!"
This is where I lost it.
I could vividly see myself jumping over the counter and choking the pizza guy.
But, I didn't.
I asked him several times if he was kidding...hoping that I was getting Punked and Ashton Cutcher was hiding somewhere... or something.
All he kept saying was, "I thought you left."
I did the only thing I knew what to do at this point...I left.
I could have cried I was so mad.
You know that kind of cry?
Yeh...that one.
I was boiling.
My daughter always says, "You become this crazed lunatic when you watch football Mom. You are into it waaaay too much."
I believe her.
I do not like confrontation.
I love football.
I love pizza.
I may need therapy.
Proverbs 14:29 A patient man has great understanding, but a quick tempered man displays folly.

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  1. Um, I definitely hate confrontation, but I would've asked for his manager. Vance said he would've probably gotten into a physical altercation. Wow. That is unreal.


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