Friday, January 14, 2011

On My Knees

The path to peace is paved with kneeprints. Bend the knee to His trustworthy authority. Collosians 3:15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.

I'm about a third way through a new book, Breaking Free by Beth Moore. I've always wanted to read one of her books, and I am so very glad that I picked this one to read first. I must say that Mrs. Moore doesn't tip-toe around her points. She gets straight to the guts of things with the first page. She brings you down a road of self examination with every page and every scripture. I love it. I need it. I opened today's blog with two sentences that have been screaming out at me, especially during this time in my life. Things are a bit out of balance, but I'm learning, that when things are out of balance, that's when God is rearranging things to better suit His will instead of mine.

I've spoken before about how we find freedom in our relationship with Christ. I have explained how the process of walking towards His will for our life and surrendering ALL to Him is the key. I was right and wrong all at the same time...shocking...I know. LOL

The key word is "walking"...

I'm learning through my little journey with Mrs. Moore, that it's not just the walking towards God that brings us to a place of freedom...but, it's the falling to our knees that brings us to COMPLETE freedom.

It's about falling into complete submission to the Master of our lives. It's about falling on our face and allowing God to pour out His wave of pure love and freedom in areas that have us bound by chains of fear, sorrow, and doubt.

It's about knee prints.

I find myself in a place of worry lately, even though my mouth is saying..."God is in control. He will see us through." When all the while I'm bound by my own footprints, trying to solve things myself, rather than creating kneeprints and fully trusting God to handle things without my help. I'm sort of running around like a chicken with it's head cut off...wondering if I'm alive or dead in my situation. When the answer is right there...on my knees, in complete surrender. That's where I will find freedom, that's where I will find life!

The path to peace is paved with kneeprints...

I guess it's no coincidence that I have been complaining about the bottom of my feet hurting lately and continually saying that "I'm tired." Mmmmm? Maybe it's my knees that should be worn and scarred instead. Maybe my place isn't always on my feet...

It's on my knees, in the presence of He who has trustworthy authority.

It's on my knees in raw, honest, uninterrupted and complete surrender to the Peacemaker of my heart.

It's on my knees allowing God to show me the best of Him, while He cleanses my heart... bringing out the best in me.

It's about kneeprints...

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