Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm a mother!

Kaitlyn missed the bus yesterday. She totally freaked. Tears and frantic words began to pour out like Niagara Falls. Her world was crashing down around her. She is almost 14. The age where everything that goes just a little tiny bit wrong, is the end of "her" world as she knows it. Yep...that age. "Oh my God, I missed the bus! Aaaaggghhhh!!" she cried. "I can bring you to school Kaitlyn. It's not like I don't already go there to bring Amber." I said attempting to calm her down. "I had to go to the Computer Lab this morning Mom. I had to get a book from there. Now what am I going to do?!! Aaaaaggghhh!!" she explained. Ahha!! I had the perfect solution... Us mothers...we always have the best solutions. She stood in front of me, loudly aggravated at the world, and willing to let the entire house know it. Being the valiant mother that I am, I "fixingly" said, "I will just get down with you and explain to your teacher what happened and see if she will let you get your book." Sounded like the perfect plan to me... Then, something happened. Her face instantly changed to a look of horror... "You will get down with me?" she said. "Yes." I said proudly. "You will get down with me?!" she began to say with great emotion and a little disbelief. "Uhuh." I nodded. "WHAT KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU?!!!" she cried. Her face was filled with shock. An awkward silence filled the room. I thought for a moment... "I'm a mother!" I said, "A mother!" Remember that roller coaster ride I mentioned a blog or two ago. I'm back on and ready for round two! Proberbs 20:11-12 Even a child makes himself known by his acts, by whether his conduct is pure and upright. The hearing ear and the seeing eye the Lord has made them both.

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