Friday, April 8, 2011

A challenge.

I was sitting at my computer this morning, wondering what I should or could blog about. I was feeling a little worn out from the night before. I had gone to the women's conference at our church and stayed out a little late. I got back at ten o'clock. Late. I know. This ole' ma-ma is usually in bed for nine.

Anywho... My mind was a blank. Nothing. Notta.

Then my daughter Amber walked in the room and said, "Hey Mom, I got this thing I wrote a while back if you would like to use it for your blog today. It might not be blog material but you can use it." She had wrote it while she was the president of The Chosen Club at her previous school. (This was a christian club that God had spoken to her and a friend about starting at her highschool.) She spoke this to a group of teenagers at her highschool. But, as I read it...I saw her reading it to me. Maybe you'll feel the same way.

Perfect timing once again Lord...


Okay. So I have a challenge for you. The other day, I was in complete solitude in my room. I suddenly wanted to talk to God and just pour my heart out. The thing is, I wanted to do this around nine in the morning. To me, that's like early. I normally would be wanting to snooze, but instead I put on my Ipod with worship music and laid on my face with the door closed. It's amazing how different the presence of God can be when you're humble, because until I lowered myself, I felt like He wasn't listening. But, as I broke before Him, He held me. And I questioned myself. Why can't I do this more often? I have the ability to connect with the Savior of the world and all I need to do is acknowledge, "Yes I need You." In the midst of my pain, my fears, my doubts, my hopes of what I'll be, or what I won't be, You are the center, the core of who I am.

I need You.

What does it mean to need something? You are in a desert alone. You haven't had water for three days. You know there's water somewhere so you gather up your strength and start your search. Then you glimpse at someone in the distance. So you run as fast as you can until you're weak and hurting but it doesn't even matter because you've seen the water now. It's tangible and you belong to it no matter if you give up or if you keep pursuing it, it owns your desires. That's what it means to need something. Take that picture but instead of water, replace it with God. Are you running after God or have you given up on the pursuit and settled for nothing?

My challenge to you is this...take five minutes of your day today.

Be still before God.

Don't let anyone hear you. Let it be you and God alone.

Start on your knees and talk to Him.

Not any fancy prayers that you don't even understand.

Tell Him why you're scared. Tell Him why you're sad. Tell Him the Truth.

He won't strike you dead if you tell him you're angry with Him.

Any maybe, you will be drawn to lay on your face. You may think. "This is wierd, I'm not dong that, It's dumb."

But...think about all the times you've done dumb things in the honor of sin.

Yeah. can go over five minutes if you want.

I did.

Psalm 141:2
Let my prayer be set forth as incense before You, the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.

Psalm 73:17
I did not understand until I entered the sanctuary of God.

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