Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Mason!

See that little guy right there...
that was my Mason at the age of three.
Shaa my lil' man.
Mason's birthday is tomorrow, and he will turn the ripe old age of 9.
That's right...
one more year and it's double digits.
He's practically a man!

Where does the time go?

I'm writing his birthday blog today because tomorrow we will be knee deep in the festivities of his birthday celebration. We are having a swim party with all the fixens! It will be filled with family, friends, and lots of food. I'm sure it will be a day of many wonderful memories. I may be whooped to a noodle like state by the next morning, from having five little boys sleep over, but I'm willing to risk it.
(Pray for me.)
I'm coping with him getting older...little by little, while making sure not to take for granted any of the time that we have together.

Every moment counts.
Every one.

He's an awesome kid.

A few weeks ago, he and I had some time to spend together, just the two of us. His dad was at work, and both of his sisters were on vacations with their friends.
We decided to take a swim in the pool.
There we lay in the pool, floating and basking in the sun on our innertubes. I on the green one, which he insisted was a "girl" color since flowers grow in the grass, and he on the blue one, because, well..ya know, "blue" is for he put it.
The pool water and the blue innertube reflecting on his eyes, made them look the blue-est of blues.
He has the greatest eyes.
I decided to have a little chat with him while we had some time alone.
I like to pick my kids' brains every now and then, to see what they're thinking.
I am always surprised to see where their minds are taking them during certain seasons of our lives.
This is a piece our conversation on that day,
Me: "So, are you glad that we moved back to the country?"
Mason: "Yessss!"
Me: "I'm glad. What makes you so happy to be back?"

Mason: "This is home to me Mom. I like the outdoors and I love the swimming we get to do now. Plus me and Smokey (his dog) have lots of land to run around on together."
Me: "Do you miss the other house at all?"
Mason: "Well, I liked it cuz my room was bigger, but this house makes us closer and I don't feel like we are all so far apart anymore."
He paused, "I miss the girls."
Me: "You miss them?"
Mason: "Yes. I miss them."
Me: "Really?"
(Thinking...but yah fight ALL the time.)
Mason: "Yep. They are good sisters and I miss them."
Me: "So, what's your favorite memory with them?"
Mason: "When yah surprised us on our way to Disney World. We all screamed and then we hugged eachother."
Me: "What is your favorite memory with Amber?"
Mason: "When she reads to me."
Me: "What's your favorite memory with Kaitlyn?"
Mason: "Swimming in this pool."
Me: "What's your favorite memory with Dad?"
Mason: "When he took me fishing."
Me: "What's your worst memory?"
Mason: "I don't have any. I'm happy with my life so far."
Me: (smiling big)
Mason: "Mom, you didn't ask me what my favorite memory with you was."
Me: "Oh, oops. What is your favorite memory with me?"

He paused for a second, while staring down at his hands while they moved back and forth in the water.

Mason: "Right now."
At that point my heart began to slowly melt out of my chest and seep into the warm pool water.

(Sometimes, that kid's wisdom knocks me off my feet...or should I say, off my innertube.)

To be happy with the "right now."
That's what I want.
Perfect, sweet, and uninterrupted contentment in the "right now".

God gives us opportunity to have that each and every day.

We just have to rest in Him.

In nine short years, my little guy has taught me so much.
Happy Birthday Mason!!
Your heart is as big as the moon!
I thank God each day for being able to watch your life unfold so beautifully!
You have brought me so much joy!

I am honored to be your Mom.

I love you!
Some neat and great things about my boy!
*No matter where I go, or how long I am gone, each time I return home and open the front door, he comes running to me, gives me a great big hug and says he missed me.
*He loves meatloaf...the "real charasterisitc of a carnivore", as he says.
*He loves to pray and very quick to do so in any situation.
*He wants to be a zoologist.
*He loves math.
*He still says I'm his best friend.
*He loves soccer.
*He loves family game night and thinks it should be every night of the week.
*Last year, he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

(smiley face)

*He loves to sing in the back seat of my car when we are riding down the highway.
(The best thing about that is...he doesn't know I'm listening.)
*He hates haircuts.
*He has the greatest giggle.
*His favorite pet--Smokey (our male daustchund)
*His favorite desert--ice cream.
*His favorite movie--Avatar, The Last Airbender

He loves, loves, loves to watch football with his dad and I...any game, any time.

*His favorite song--Home, by Michael Buble
*His favorite cartoon--Pheneas and Ferb
*The first movie that he watched and cried--Marley & Me


  1. Such a sweet post. No, those are not tears falling off my cheeks, it's just really wet in here. Ugh Uhm. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Mason! You were SO wanted and prayed for and begged for. We're all grateful that God chose to share you with us! May you always appreciate the right nows of life and your days be long and happy!

  2. AW ... I think he's pretty much the sweetest little boy ever. You did good, Mama!

    Happy Birthday, Mason!


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