Friday, October 28, 2011

Fabulous Blog Friday: Week 3

This week's Fabulous Blog Friday belongs to two bloggers.
(sorry, I'm having a hard time picking just one.)

They are a power house duo.

They are actually married.

They are both writers and bloggers.

I began reading each of their blogs, then realized that they were engaged to one another.

Blogger love.
How sweet!

They have recently married.

They continue writing amazing blogs packed with real stuff covered in a Real Grace.

I hope you enjoy them.

Ladies first:

Lauren is a very talented writer, photographer and designer.

If you have time, check out her site while you are there.

Here is her favorite post of mine:

A Confession, I've Changed.


Her groom, Max is also super talented.
He writes with deep honesty and love for The Savior.

Please read his blog:
Learning to Live Again
Make it Mad

Have an awesome weekend!

See you next week!

Oh, by the way.

Congratulations you two!

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