Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seek Truth!

I was sitting on the couch yesterday getting ready for our French lesson, and Mason was looking at a Christmas catalog while he waited for our lesson to begin.

He looks at me and says,
"Mom, did you know that some kids are scared of Santa Claus?"

I giggled and said,
"Really? I did not know that."

Very confident he says,
"Yep. They are Claus-trophobic. That means they are scared of Santa Claus."

I couldn't help but laugh out loud at his response, but then I noticed that he was serious.

We began to discuss it and he revealed to me that his older sister told him this a couple of years ago.
He knew nothing but to believe her, and he had heard the word "claustrophobic" before, so he figured she was telling him the truth.
I told him what the word really meant. He seemed a little disappointed at first, because his sister had told him something that he thought was the truth.

He then felt a little silly believing it.
We laughed it off and continued to do our lesson.

Later that night, he was more than ready to tell his Dad about his sister's evil ways.

As he began to tell him, his sister over heard him from the back of the house and came running into the kitchen to plead her case.

She began to explain,
"I was just playing with him. I didn't mean him any harm. I didn't know he really believed me.  I heard it from an episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants..."

She then went on for several minutes, describing the entire episode leading up to the punch line of the meaning of "Claustrophobic."

It was innocent fun, but it was a good reminder.

It made me realize, once again, how impressionable their little minds are.
How they believe the people in their lives who they trust and love.
How they trust us and every word that leaves our mouths...

The good.
The bad.
The silly.
The lies.
The rumors.
The truths.
The white lies.
Every. Word.

Mason's Bible lesson last week was on the Knowledge of God.
It taught him that God wants us to learn about Him when we are young, so that it will stay with us for our entire lives.

Our Creator knows how impressionable we are when we are young.
He knows that our minds are like sponges absorbing whatever is around us.

And His Word promises that if we teach them His ways when they are young,
"they will not depart from it".

It becomes a part of their growth process, moving and flowing inside their veins and heart.

His Word is LIFE!
 Now is the time that our little ones need to know that.
They need to know how much He loves them.
Where He was willing to go for them.
How sufficient His grace is.
That He is the Light directing them in this dark world.
How important it is to share Him with others.
To be bold and not ashamed of talking about God's power and love.
To seek Him for His truth in and through all things.

Now is the time!

It was also a good reminder for me as an adult, to be sure to check my sources.
We are so quick to repeat news or gossip, not even knowing if it's the truth, or if it came from a "Sponge Bob" or not.
We are very quick to "share" news about someone, when sometimes, we didn't even have permission to share.

We are quick to open our mouths when we gather,
and less quick to drop to our knees when we are alone.

We are eager to share rumors,
but we forget to share Jesus.

We are tip toeing around in dangerous territory.

We must let God be God.
We must go to The Source of all TRUTH asking Him to reveal to us what is of Him or what is not.

A friend of mine had doubts about something the other day. 
She told me that she,
"Went straight to the Word to find the truth, asking God to reveal it to her."

I commend her for that!

She had doubts, so she didn't take the word of someone else, she went straight to The Source!
She let God be God.

I'm not sure if she found her answer yet, but I know that she will.

His Word also promises us,
 if we seek Him with all our hearts, we will find Him!

Seek after Him.

Seek Truth!

2 Timothy 3:16

All scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

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