Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Full circle

God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere.
~~Author unknown

As I sit on the porch, I watch the tiny red humming bird feeder whisping in the wind from afar.

The wind picks up and the trees blow leaves that dance all around me.

I close my eyes for a moment as the wind kisses my face.

The tiny humming bird feeder begins to move in a circular motion...
round and round it spins.

As the wind holds back its force, the tiny humming bird feeder spins back around to its original place...
coming full circle back around to its resting place, where its spinning began.

It sits quietly, swaying softly back and forth.

And as the wind picks up once more,
in circular motion it spins.

Round and round it goes in a fast moving circle, until once again, the wind dies down, and it spins
full circle back around to its resting place.

Full circle.

Life is like that tiny humming bird feeder,
whisping back and forth, round and round within the winds of the days that blow fastly by.
It spins us round and round.

I wonder, how many times He has brought me full circle in my lifetime.

Bringing me to what I think is an ending, only to bring me back around to its beginning.

It seems as though sometimes I take the long way around, but He gets me there...He gets me there,

 giving me a second chance when I may have missed the mark...
spinning me around so I may start new, right at the beginning.

Full circle once more.

From beginning to end to beginning.

We stand in the elevator as it brings us down one level at a time.
My husband gently takes my hand as the tears swell within my eyes.

"It's funny isn't it?"
 He says as he brings me closer in to him.

"How God brings us full circle."

I look up at him squeezing his hand in mine,
and the tears begin to choke up as I try to force them back in.

"Here we are again in this same place, whispering words of life into the very one who helped you regain yours",
he says softly as my legs become weak in his embrace.

As I take in the moments that preceeded that elevator ride,
my body shakes with each tear that falls.

Once again, I am taken in, consumed and amazed by Him.
His presence swoops in, spinning me round and round.
His whispers of life blow in and kiss my face.

Tears flow forcefully within the steel walls of the elevator and I give thanks to Him quietly under my breath.

I realize in those few seconds, that there aren't enough thank yous for all of the circles He has twirled me in.

Coming full circle back into His arms, into His grace,
I praise Him with all that my heart will allow.

And still I ache, not being able to thank Him enough.

We've just left the hospital room of the sweet friend who saved my life a couple of short years ago.

Her little one is fighting an illness.
 She has a Chiari  malformation of the brain.
She has now developed pneumonia.
She is four years old.

As we gathered in that cold sterile hospital room, our unexplainable love for eachother slowly pushed out the cold.

hands clinched
 arms embraced
 crying cheeks pressed crying cheeks
 laughter echoed
 stories shared
resurrection life spoken

We came full circle to the place where our friendship began.

God knew then,
where our connection would take us.

I think of that moment, when her hands were on my body pumping and reviving my heart,
that God brought life from death in the palms of her hands.

That He uses us as instruments to do His work is amazing to me.

Oh, the Power and Majesty my God revealed in that hospital room that day.

What could have been a tragic ending, was only the blessed beginning.

Again...in the same hospital,
He breathes His life into a hopeless place.
We love on them, and speak life into their little one, into them...into us.

I hear it...
His whisper smells of hope and blows out any doubt that remains.

We sway softly back and forth within time.

I sit on the bed next to my friend as she holds her tiny little one in her arms.
My mothering heart aches along with hers.

I grab her hand in mine and life comes full circle once again,
within our touch.

We spin round and round in its winds,
bringing us straight back to our beginning.

At the second that we embrace eachother I feel God with us in that sweet moment.

In the stillness...
I see Him smiling with us, as our lives are reconnected to breathe life into one another with our love, our support, our togetherness, our knowing of His resurrection power.

His Spirit moves in and through the words we speak to eachother, and we are swept away by His love for us...
that He would plan our lives out with so much detail and perfect meaning and purpose.

And as the humming bird's song sings a melody against the trees,
 as the leaves dance all around me...
I fall back, and rest in the still embrace of my Father,
who allows our lives to come full circle as He...

 dances all around us.

I praise the God who brings us full circle in our lives today.
I praise the God of second chances and new mornings.
I praise the God who dances among my life, whispering life and hope.

I praise the Healer, the Comforter, and the Redeemer!

I praise the God of resurrection life...

He who is the beginning and the end.

Revelation 21:6
Then He said to me, "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost."

Please keep my precious friend Rhonda, her family, and her sweet little Anniston in your prayers today and for the days to come.

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