Monday, October 3, 2011

He is homeschooling me!

 Here we are in week three of our new Homeschool journey.

On Friday, we attended our second field trip.

I had hoped to show off the MANY pictures I took of our adventure at

due to my ongoing technical challenges with my new phone,
 I can't seem to figure out how to transfer my pictures onto my laptop.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

The fieldtrip was simply spectacular.

The kids learned much about the organic food industry and it's importance to our health.

They were able to have a true hands on experience, holding the baby tilapia and baby chicks, all the way up to the full grown tilapia and petting a milking cow.  They were also able to hold the freshly grown vegetables that flourish on the farm.

We were pleasantly surprised to get a Bible lesson throughout our tour, as the farm is run on pure Biblical reasoning and purpose.

The Gotreaux family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Gotreaux, and their ten children.

All adopted!

Mrs. Gotreaux made a statement, that will stay with my heart for a while, when asked why they adopted so many children...

"We were obedient to God, and He has done His job with our family."

What a wonderful gift and lesson in obedience!

God has truly blessed them in many ways!

Meeting the Gotreaux family and getting a tour of their farm was something I think we shall never forget.

I did not realize,
 when we started our homeschool journey,
 that we would be enjoying it so quickly as we have been.

Have we had our challenges?

You betcha!
Yes indeed!

We have cried, pouted and walked away frustrated,
we always walk back, wipe our tears, take a deep breath and retry.

And when I say we...I mean all of us!

We have learned a huge lesson in offering grace to one another in many different ways.

 I believe it is bringing us closer to eachother.

I have been overly blessed in watching how their minds soak up what is in front of them and around them.

They impress me daily.

They inspire me to learn more.

They have taught me, and are teaching me, how to be more patient, more understanding, and more communicative with them.

We began out first week with heavy hearts, after packing up our Amber to move into her new apartment at Bible College.

He gave us the gift of completion and the gift of a new journey all in one week.

I know now, one of the reasons why He told me to homeschool...

He knew we would need one another to get through a hard time of letting go,

and He knew I would not want to be alone during those days.

I love how He knows me.

 He nurtures my every need,  even when I don't know I need it.

He calms the storms that brew.

I struggled with knowing why God chose me, of all people, to homeschool.
In my lack of trust, I questioned Him...

What are You thinking?
Are you sure You have the right Mom?
Do You want to think this through?
Maybe I heard wrong?
Why me?
Why now?
No really?...why me!? why now?

 On many occassions, I have cried.
I cried in fear of the unknown, and of the lack that I thought I had in this area.
I cried, just to cry.

He gives where we lack.

After only a few weeks, I am settling in as my new position as teacher.

Not forgetting, that I am also His student during this time.

It's funny how God brings us to a new place, that seems so scarey and impossible to us.
We ponder on how we will  "ever get through it?"

Months ago, I couldn't see myself EVER homeschooling, nor did I want to,

but now...

I can't see myself doing anything else.

It's been an unexpected surprise for me...
and I am doing my best to soak in every ounce of goodness that it brings.

Every giggle.

Every smile.

Every sigh of struggle.

Every "Mom, I love you.  I'm glad you are here with us."

And in open hearted response I say,

"I'm glad yah are here with me!"

I'm learning to be thankful for all the things I don't know...
and for all the things that He does know.

He knew all the things I didn't.

He knew right where to place us and when.

I no longer wonder why I'm here in this new place,

I thank Him because I am!

 Each day we plant new seeds in one another, teaching and loving in a new way.

      Watching the tiny sprouts, as they spring up from the new ground that He has placed us on.

Waiting with great anticipation...

Psalm 126:5
Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy.

The harvest is coming!

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