Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whole again.

Proverbs 18:21 (The MSG)
Words kill, words give life;
they're either poison or fruit--you choose.

I've had one of those weeks.
The kind where you check the calendar every day to see if you've made it to the end yet.
Then when you realize it's only Tuesday, you let out a huge painful sigh.
Something happened this past weekend
 that would throw me to a place in my past that I didn't want to revisit.
Old whispers became loud echoes 
until they were screaming at me and pounding at my spirit.
Hurtful, painful words.
The ones that tell you that you aren't good enough.
The ones that make you doubt who He says you are.
The ones that pound you into the dirt.
The ones that weigh heavy and cause you to walk lop-sided or slumped.
The ones that leave bruises and create small tears
 where you begin to slowly bleed out all of your confidence and truth.
The Bible says that words have power.
The power to do good, or the power to do harm.

The power to build up, or the power to tear down.
The power to create, or the power to destroy.

And for a few days,
I felt destroyed.
Literally destroyed.
But then...
I began hearing other Words.
His Words...
and they tell me that I am something to be cherished.
They tell me that I am worth it.
 All of it.
They tell me that there is nothing I can do to change His steadfast perfect pursuing love for me.
They tell me that it's okay to cry, to feel sad for a moment...because  He will catch every tear that falls and He will hold me when I need it.
They tell me to let those hurtful words go, that He will fight for me if I be still in Him.
They tell me to brush off the dirt I have been thrown in and stand tall for He will make me strong, clean and new again.
They tell me that I am His.
They tell me that I am forgiven.
They remind me who I am in Him.
 They whisper healing grace over me.
They speak life into me.

Song of Solomon 2:4 (NLT)
He escorts me to the banquet hall; it's obvious how much he loves me.

The more I begin to listen and hear These Words, His Words,
the more those other words slowly begin to fade and disappear.

They aren't as loud and they don't matter like they did before.
They lose their sting.

They have been replaced, covered, shut out by His Truth.

you just have to stop listening to the words of others,
so that you can hear His Words of Love speak life over you.

And His Words will make you whole again.

Matthew 9:22
Daughter, be of good comfort for your faith makes you WHOLE.


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  1. Oh, sweet friend! I love when you're so transparent. We all have those days or weeks or months or years. Words can kill or bring life. Plain and simple. I've had to overcome so many words said to me, so I feel ya'. Funny how one hurtful word stands out more than 100 encouraging words.

    Love you!


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