Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I've been taking a break from writing...
well at least that's what I've been telling myself.
I think others refer to it as "writer's block".
I don't care much for it...this writer's block.
It makes me worry and questions come into play as I try to figure all of this out.
I blame it on being "busy" lately and having things to do other than peck at my keyboard.
I say that the ideas that pop in and out of my head are lame or boring or they don't have enough substance.
I search for the words, but they don't come.
Thoughts used to rush into my head and I had to stop all that I was doing to write them down before my aging brain forgot them.
Now...they just don't come as often.
So I ask the questions
 brewing inside my inner most thoughts...
"Are you done with me God?"
"Am I all washed up?"
"Is there nothing left to share of myself?"
"Is this it?"
And then I read this scripture...
Matthew 11:28
Come to me, all you that labour, and are burdened, and I will refresh you.
So, I take this scripture and run to God and express to Him my heart's desire to continue writing.
To share my heart and myself and His love and His greatness within my life to others.
I plead this to Him with a willing heart to go where He goes.
And the word refresh is whispered into my spirit.
This word,
 it seeps into my heart and it whispers life into my spirit
 and I feel Him speaking directly to me.
I will refresh you.
And I see the answer to all of my doubt and questions within
the small space of that four word sentence.
I rejoice in my weakness as I see His strength...
He is restoring me.
I realize that I have been way too dependent on myself
lately for my writing and not dependent enough on Him.
I've worried about my own inabilites and haven't been focused on His ability.
I've taken my eye off of what really matters, why I began writing in the first place.
It's somehow become about numbers,
and followers,
 and impressing people,
and the fear of offending others,
and the lack of pretty words,
and other stuff that doesn't matter.
What matters, is that I write because He put it on my heart to do so.
Because He is the pen that puts my thoughts into motion.
Because He has a story that He is writing through me.
Because I want to leave His legacy with my children.
Because I want to share Him with others, even if it's just one.
Because I want to help bring a smile to someone's face and hope into their life.
Because it's who He created me to be.
Because I feel closer to Him when I do.
Because it's where my soul finds rest.
Because He has been so good to me and His grace flows through me.
I write...because He is.
I read an excerpt this morning from my beautiful writer friend Holley Gerth.
She poignantly describes in her latest blog post a writer's heart...
I write to find my way home.
I write to reconnect with Love.
I write to know I’m not alone.
I write to find my way home to Him.
I write to connect with His Love.
I write to know that I'm not alone, that He is with me in this journey of life.

He is the pen that writes my story.
I am refreshed in Him.

Philippians 1:6
And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes to it all. I love to write as well and even though my blog tends to be on the silly, umm..less reserved side I too write because he is. He is my all in all. He is the reason I am here and sane, OK maybe not so much on the sane part but I'm here. I'm alive and breathing and I'm gonna kick and scream his goodness all the way home. Keep kickin' and screamin' girl. The Lord loves a feisty daughter. ;)


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