Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It was glorious!

the Christmas festivities have come to an end.
I spent the majority of the morning picking up the aftermath and
I have spent the rest of the day perfecting the art of laziness.
I must admit...I am a pretty good at it!
It's been glorious!
I blame today's laziness on yesterday's.
Apparently I didn't use all my lazy up so it rolled over into today.
Pure gloriousness!
(And yes, that is actually a word...I looked it up.)
Christmas Day was so very nice.
We did something we haven't done in over five years.
We stayed home all day!
All glorious day!
All. day.
Did I mention it was all day?
Because it was. All day.
It just makes me smile thinking about it.
I wore my pajamas all day!
I don't even think I brushed my hair,
in fact I know I didn't.
It was stinkin' great!
It was all matted and crazy looking all day.
All day!
We normally spend Christmas day elsewhere.
We wake up at "way too early thirty" and open all of our gifts.
Then we hurry up and get everyone bathed and dressed to be out the door by 11:00 to head to a relative's house for Christmas lunch and to spend the majority of the day.
We don't return until after dark and we are exhausted and way overstuffed with Christmas turkey.
Don't get me wrong...
that has been nice every year.
I love getting together for the holidays.
But, there is just something about staying home and doing nothing on Christmas Day.
it's nice.
We still woke up early to open gifts,
but it was after 7:00 am!
That's late for Christmas morning.
After opening our gifts and picking up the mess from it,
our oldest daughter read the 2nd chapter of Luke to all of us and my husband prayed over our day together.
It was such a sweet moment.
Then we moved around slowly and cooked our Christmas dinner,
which consisted of my husband's famous beef roast and potatoes (yum-my!),
yam casserole (also yummy!),
bowtie pasta with olive oil, garlic and basil (the yummiest!)
and some warm garlic bread.
Dessert consisted of cakeballs or whatever candy was in our stockings.
It was,
you guessed it...
We played games with the kids, laughed at eachother's silliness and snacked around.
(I think they laughed at my hair once or twice, but I'm not positive.)
We ended the day with movies and more eating.
Glorious I tell ya...simply glorious!

 I caught myself several times looking all around at the kids playing and laughing together.
I would then look at my husband, and he was doing the same thing.
Then we would catch eachother's eye and just smile,
taking it all in.

It was just so great
to be just us...
all day.
I think we may have started a new tradition,
one that I could get very used to.

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