Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here I go!

Today I write my first blog. For a few months now I have been sending my sisters and a few other close friends or relatives text messages each day. These are thoughts or scriptures that I feel that I have learned something from recently or things that I feel will help me grow as a Christian. Walking this earth, without becoming what it has become, and remaining a true follower of Christ, is not always an easy thing. We must help one another to stay on the path that God has set for each one of us. So, I had a thought one day to start a blog and broaden my area. I prayed about it for a week or two. One morning, after I had sent my daily text, one of my sisters sent me a text back. It read.."That was beautiful. You have a gift with words. You should start a blog!" Needless to say I had goosebumps up my neck. Wow! O.K. God...I got it! Somethings God only has to tell you once and you know. That was a definite confirmation for me. So here I am. Each blog will most likely be very different from the one before. They may include expereiences that I have been through or am going through at the moment. They may be a scripture or a quote I once heard during a sermon that captured my spirit enough to write it down at the time and now share it with you. Whatever it may be I hope, within myself and for you, to become closer and achieve what it is God has called me to be during my time on this earth. I truly long to be in the SONlight!!

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  1. How Cool! I look forward to adding this to my daily reading list!


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