Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He is waiting.

I came from a farely large family, so grocery shopping with my mom, when I was younger, was definitely a family affair. It took several of us, to push several grocery carts, filled to the rim with food, to adhere to our large family's big appetites. The grocery store was a fun place for me, because it combined my two favorite things...family and food. But, it was also a place for mischief. I remember getting into a lot of trouble in the store. Having that many kids run around, something bad was bound to happen. And not that Mom wasn't a disciplinary, because believe me...she took the cake on that one! Simply put, we were kids...which should explain it all right there. I remember on several occasions, when I would be brave enough, or should I say, stupid enough to act up in the store. What was I thinking? My mom would walk over to me, with that stare that only a mom can give...saying with her eyes, that she loved me and could strangle me, all with the same dead stare. Then she would quietly say, while gritting her teeth, "Wait til' we get home." I would then attempt to swallow a large mound of saliva, causing a very loud gulp in the back of my throat. I was in deep trouble. Oh, the torture!! She would say nothing else. I got nothing but silence from her. The calm before the storm! We would finish shopping, get home, and begin to unload the groceries from the car. Time would pass by, and I would start to think, "Aha, she forgot what she told me. It's all good." Yeah right!! I would be bee-bopping around, all happy, when she would calmly say, "Don't think I forgot about what happened in the store." Yikes!! She would then, wait a little longer, and tell me to go sit in her bedroom, and wait until she came in to talk with me. The torturing continued. I would sit in her room, and sweat in fear. Would she punish me? Would she whip me? Or worse...would she yell? Man...it was agony! She would then come in, about a half an hour later, and address my situation. I think the worst part of the whole ordeal, (said in a way, that makes you think I am the victim here) was the silent treatment she would give me. Man!! I wish she would have just yelled and gotten it over with. Or whipped me, the sting would have only lasted a few minutes, then it would have been over. But, I got the silent treatment. She could do that for hours. It was agonizing, just agonizing! I have learned as an adult, that the silent treatment is still one of the worst things you can get from someone. It is like a dagger through the heart. Because when they say nothing, they are really saying alot. That hurts! And the act of being ignored, is like saying you don't exist...or you don't matter. I wonder how God feels about us doing this to one another? I wonder how He feels when we do it to Him? I wonder how He feels when we give Him the silent treatment? I have been guilty of this on more than one occassion. Using God, like an old dusty cookbook, pulling Him off of the shelf, only to get a new idea or the ingredients I needed to get me through the day I was having. And once I was done, putting Him back on the shelf to collect more dust. This in itself is blasphemy. Ignoring His existence, as though He isn't there at all. Treating Him as though He doesn't matter. Not caring, that He sits...waiting to hear my voice speak His name. Waiting...for my presence to enter His. He deserves more than that! Put simply, we were created for His worship. Our creation was to worship the Creator! How can we worship, if we don't speak to Him? How do we worship Him with our silent treatment? Our silence is blasphemy. When we acknowledge Him and speak to Him, we praise Him, we worship Him. We do what we were created to do. Luke 19:40 says, "I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." If we don't worship Him, the rocks will! If we keep silent, and ignore His presence, the mere rocks on the ground, will still worship Him. They will glorify Him, when we won't. He is that magnificient!! And when we don't acknowledge His works in our life, isn't that just as bad? Isn't that ignoring Him? We must speak to God. We must speak of His works. We must worship Him with every breath. Psalm 150:6, "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." We must not give Him the silent treatment. Speak to God...He is waiting. Psalm 100:4-5, "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts' with praise, give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever, his faithfulness continues through all generations."

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  1. We are all guilty of giving God the silent treatment while we go about our day to day task of living, but in the end we are just going through the motions and don't actually live until we seek His face! Funny how it's so easy to do when things are tough but seldom do we have time for Him when blessings abound! Thanks again for helping me to see me!


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