Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An interview...

I decided to interview my eight year old son. I wanted to know exactly what he knew about God and where he was in his spiritual life with Him. I wanted to know what he had learned up til now, and what he needed to know. I was curious to see what he had learned from my husband, myself, and church. I thought an interview setting, as me as a journalist and him as a religious scholar would be fun. He was excited. When I told him I was turning it into a blog all about him...he was ecstatic! I simply asked the questions and he answered them. The interview is word for word. Enjoy... What is your name? -Mason Jobe Stelly Who is God? -God is the creator of the earth. Who is Adam? -Eve's husband and the first man on earth. Who is Eve? -Adam's wife and the first lady on earth. What did Adam and Eve do? -Disrespected God by doing something God didn't want them to do. They listened to the devil. What was the devil in the form of? -A serpent. What did God do? -He found Adam and Eve and he knew they listened to the devil and they weren't supposed to eat the fruit from the middle tree in the garden and then he told them to leave the island and soon when they got older they were going to die. Because of what Adam and Eve did, what happened from then on? -Nothing, they just died. Who was Noah? -The man who built the ark. Why did God want Noah to build the ark? -Because God knew there was going to be a flood and God saw people in his town being bad and not worshiping him and they were believing in other gods so he casted a flood across their town and he wanted him to build the ark so that the people and animals could survive the flood. How many animals did God tell him to bring? -Two of each pair of animals. What kind of animals? -Alpakkas, lions, monkeys, cheetas... Did he tell him certain animals or all animals? -All animals. Who was Moses? -He was the one who created the tablets of the ten commandments. What are two of the commandents? -Never lie. Never worship another God. Did anything miraculous happen with Moses during his life? (a look of confusion) A miracle is something only God can do, did he have any miracles happen in his life? -Not that I remember. Who was Jonah? -Johah was the one that got swallowed by the whale. Why? -Because he was on a boat to go somewhere and a storm came and he fell off the ship and the whale came and swallowed him. Who was David? -He was the one who threw the rock and hit the giant in the forehead and it knocked the giant down. What was the Giant's name? -Goliath. How tall do you think he was? -Nine feet tall. Who was Mary? -Mary was Jesus' wife. Who was Joseph? -Oooh wait! Joseph was Mary's husband. So, who was Mary? -Mary was Joseph's wife. Did she have any kids? -Yes. Jesus. Who was Jesus? -Jesus was actually God's son and he was a man who died on the cross for our sins. If he was God's son, how did he get in Mary's belly? -He just sent him down to earth and he knew he couldn't be born unless he had a mother, and the mother couldn't have God as her husband because he is always in the sky. What was Jesus born for? -To die on the cross for our sins. Why did he have to die? -He didn't have to die but the people didn't believe in God. God wanted to prove that he was the only Jesus on earth. What did the people do? -They nailed his hands to a cross and his feet and they kept hitting him with a chain thing with a huge ball on the end with spikes and they kept hitting him. Did Jesus want to die on the cross? -No. If he didn't want to why did he? -God sent him down to earth to die for our sins. So, he listened to his father? -Yes. When you hear people say, "Jesus saved me"..what does that mean? -That means Jesus saved them. How? (long pause) How did he save you? -Baptizing me and dieing on the cross for me. If you could descirbe God in one word what would it be? -My savior. That's two words. -Oh...Savior. What is the greatest thing God has done for you? -He saved me. What is sin? -It means you do something bad. What is love? -It's the feeling when you like somebody. Where does love come from? -Your heart.
What is grace? -I don't know.
If you sin, what should you do? -You should say, "Sorry God." Does God forgive easily or no? -Yes. Why? -Because your telling the truth, your telling you did it.
What is forgiveness? -I don't know.
What does God want you to do when someone is mean to you? -Tell them about God. Finish this sentence... God says, " Love your neighbor like you love _____. " -Your Mom. What is heaven? -It's the place where God lives. What is hell? -Oooh. Hell is where the devil lives in the center of the earth. What's your favorite thing about church? -Prayer time. Prayer time? Why? -It gives me a chance to say sorry to God for the sins I did and it gives me a chance to talk to God and tell him if there is someone sick in my family and I want him to heal them. What does heal mean? -It means that you help someone sick get better. Do you know any names of the books in the Bible? -Noah's ark? What's your favorite story in the bible? -Noah's ark. Did you like this interview? -Yes. Did you like the interviewer? -Yes. (said with a giggle) Describe your interviewer in one sentence. -My interviewer is a little giggly. Would you want to be interviewed again? -Yes, but not right now. ---------------------------- Thank you God for my little Mason. He has been a pure delight since the day you placed him in my life. Continue to guide me in teaching Him to draw close to you. Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do now hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


  1. OOOOOHHHHHHH! I love love love this! Would you be offended if I steal this idea for MY blog?

  2. Am I ever offended when you do that? LOL Of course not!! Take away my friend!!


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