Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall in Love!

This is my dog Mya. (Otherwise known as my husband's other wife. See my post "Mrs. Noah" for further explanation.) She is a Rat Terrier and Dausthund mix. She has the energy of about a thousand energizer bunnies. No exaggeration. If you have ever met her..then there is no exaggeration needed. We fell in love with Mya the moment that we got her. She is probably the most loyal dog on the planet. She is a good listener and a great nap buddy. (Just ask my husband.)But, most of all...she is "in love" with all of us! It amazes me how much she loves us. It is a true and genuine kind of love. Each time we walk into the's like the first time she has seen us. She jumps as high as our chest to get our attention. If we were to walk in fifty times a day...each time she would be just as excited to see us as the first time. This morning...I woke up as usual and headed toward the coffee pot. Mya followed me all the way to the kitchen, jumping and running to get my attention. At this point, I had only one eye open and was scrambling to find my way around. I noticed her, but didn't notice her...ya know. I put the coffee on and headed back to my room to get ready for work. I went into the bathroom and she followed me, jumping around me the entire time. I nudged her out of the bathroom, still half asleep, and shut the door. I realized I forgot something on my vanity so I opened the door...and there she was...waiting for me...jumping up and down and shaking like she had some wierd itch somewhere. I shut the door and continued my morning routine. A few moments later, I had finished my bath and opened the door to head out of the bathroom into my bedroom. There she was...still waiting...still jumping...still shaking with that wierd itch. So, I said "What do you want Mya?" She began to jump up and make this wierd crying noise. I picked her up and she melted in my arms like hot thick molasses. There she lay...still in my arms, content with me. Now that's love!! All she wanted was me. She wanted to feel my arms around her. Isn't that one of the greatest feelings ever...the feeling of love...the feeling of falling in love! Mya's reaction to her feeling of being in love, reminds me of how it is to be in love with Jesus. Or better He is in love with us. Having Jesus come into your heart is more than a choice or a lifestyle. It's more than a's a relationship! It's a love affair!! It's like falling in LOVE! It's allowing Him to wrap His love around us and let it drip off our lives, like hot thick molasses. It's that feeling of contentment just by being in His arms!! It's that feeling of devotion and dedication! No matter how many times we may walk away from His presence...He is there excited to see us each time we return. It's the greatest Love you will ever find! Fall in love with Jesus today!! His love is unfailing, unwavering, and unending!! I'm in love...are you? Matthew 22:37 Jesus replied, "Love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." Click on link to listen: Thanks for stopping by!

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