Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It can't be undid!

Well...I did it...I changed my entire blog outlook, as you can see. I would love to say that I did it on purpose...but I'd be lieing. It was a huge "booboo" that can't be "undid". I began to "tweek" my blog a little, move some things around, add a thing or two here or there ... when the next thing I knew...I had changed the entire outlook, and lost the original somewhere in "blog world"!! I gasped, I screamed, I tried to "delete", and I felt like crying. It was gone. Vamoose!! What's done is done. It can't be "undid". This is my new look, like it or not. I'm not sure I like it. It's too girly... I don't think it's me. I've never been the typical girly girl. When women talk and blog, about their new purchases of perfumes, purses, and shoes...I can't relate. I honestly can't. I think I was born without the "shopping" gene. Gasp!!! I's shocking. I like to go shopping with friends, and help them find great buys and bargains, but I would rather spend my day sitting in Barnes and Noble's coffee shop, in slightly cute but casual clothes, wearing my favorite comfortable flats, sipping on an ice cold, caramel frappacino with extra whip cream (the fattening kind), while reading the latest book I just splurged and bought myself. I don't come with many frills and whistles...just little ole' me. (Ok I might be pushing it with the "little") I can't say that I'm a tomboy either. I like the city and love the country. I guess I fit somewhere in the middle...I'm just me. Simply me. I can't be "undid". So...this is my new blog page. Hope you like it. I hope it isn't too busy with the little "blinkers" I added. Hope it isn't too feminine for the "guys" out there. Hope my lady friends keep coming back, to see what's going on with me, and my ever so adventurous life! Hope no one "unlikes" me on my facebook page. Hope you won't forget to visit...O.K. people...don't make me beg!! *p.s. Don't be surprised if you see more changes in the next couple of days...I'm sort of in a panic...losing control has never been my strong suit. I'm working on that too. Pray for me! I Timothy 4:4 For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving. Thanks for taking time to Find The SONlight!!

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