Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If Walmart delivered...my life would be much easier.

I had just gotten into my pajamas. My soft fuzzy, flanel, puppy dog pajamas. (Yes, I'm 38 and I have puppy dog pajamas...don't hate me for my choice of style) Anywhoooo... I figured, with the last couple of emotional days, I had earned an early night in my pajamas. The day before had been my daughter's eighteenth birthday. The big 1-8. Not only that, but she had her first "non date" as she called it, with her guy friend, and came back from that "nondate"... as his girlfriend. Yep...dating. We've never tackled this in our house before...much less on the same day that our baby girl was turning 18. Our emotions were on the brink of explosion. We were lying in bed that night (okay actually like 1:30 in the morning) crying together and reliving the day over and over in our heads. Our hearts had become blobs of red sappy jello pouring with emotions and memories of the past eighteen years. Our hearts were full, and our eyes opened to the next few years of our life. My day was filled with phone calls and text messages to my sisters and friends, sharing the news or leaving franctic messages pleading for them to call me for the big news to be told. I was either walking around smiling with a huge grin on my face, or hiding in the nearest bathroom crying my eyes out. Children can bring out the biggest mixture of emotions. Don't get me wrong...I am happy as I could ever be for her. She waited for the right guy and for the right time. Good choices always bring good results. (Lamentations 3:25 The Lord is so good to those who depend on Him, to those who search for Him.) But, she is my baby...and at the same time, a beautiful young woman. That in itself...is a doozy. My husband ended up home sick. Some sort of yucky stomach thing. I think it was all of the emotional stuff the day before, mixed in with exhaustion. He loves his beautiful girl...and, I told you he would crack sooner or later...and I think he did. "Better to just get it all out now", I told him. His response...he growled at me. He still has a little work to do. I came home and got Mason settled with his homework, gave my husband his "tummy" medicine, and I had just sat down to read the blog comments on the new Joli Blog. It was nice. I was relaxed and quite cozy in my fuzzy pajamas. I was looking forward to sitting and chatting with my ladies on line, in a nice deep discussion about the new blog and the book we are studying. The temperature outside was dropping quickly and I was inside, nuzzled and ready to do some serious hibernating... When my sweet daughter walked into the room. "Hey mom, you going to Walmart?" she asked. "Ughh...does it look like I'm dressed for Walmart right now?" I asked. "No, but I need that thing for my project." she said. "You said you needed that for Thursday, we will get it tomorrow." I said, turning back to face my computer. "Well, my teacher changed the date that it is due, so I need it by tomorrow." she explained.

She needed a couple of styrofoam balls to create the solar system. It was at that very moment that I regretted not being a styrofoam distributor. They should give you a note when you have your children that says, "Invest in lots of styrofoam. Your going to need it!" But...sadly, I had none. Zilch.

My regret set in and turned to immediate frustration...

"What! Are you kidding me?" I said...while my quiet, little, relaxing hibernation began to fly out the window.

"I need it Mom, come on. Let's go to Walmart." she pleaded. Grrrrrrrrr....(sounding a tad-bit like my husband at this point) "Can I go like this?" I said looking down at my puppy dog pajamas and giggling. "NO! I'm not going to go anywhere with you dressed like THAT." she said. (Did I mention that she was a brave little girl?) "I'm not going anywhere with you dressed like that," I said mocking her in a winey voice. "Mo-omm," she responded. " If I can't go like this...well, then I guess I'm not going to Walmart." I said. (Not sounding inmature at all.) "Mo-omm...I need it." she said. "I'm already in my pajamas...I'm not going!" I said. Then it hit me...my need to be the perfect parent. Uggghhhhh!! Guilt slapped me upside my head. I can't let her get a bad grade because of me. Oh...but I really really didn't want to go. Not at all. I hate when that happens. And it happens...alot. "Okay, okay...I'll go change." I said pouting all the way to my room. I got dressed and jumped in my car to head to Walmart...frustrated the entire way there. Then I thought...ya know... Walmart has been around for years, made billions of dollars, is in all the U.S. states, and several different countries...and it still hasn't figured out how to DELIVER!! Even if you buy something on line at Walmart...they ship it to the store. Yeh...what's the point of that? Really...What's. The. Point? All I wanted was to hibernate...like a bear...for a little while. Just a little while. Is that too much to ask? If Walmart delivered...my life would be much easier. And... I could be the bear that I long to be!

Oddly enough...there are no scriptures in the Bible about Walmart. I might have to rethink where I do my shopping.

But...there were these:

Phillippians 1:27 Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.

Proverbs 29:17 Discipline your son, and he will give you peace; he will bring delight to your soul.

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  1. OKAY. This was SO funny. I. Literally. Laughed. Out. Loud.


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