Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet my guest writer!

I have a guest writer on my blog today. It's my sweet daughter Kaitlyn. She had a project to do for school. I found it to be too neat not to share. She had to write a auto-bio poem and a bio poem on someone in the household. She chose her sister Amber. She did such a great job that I asked her to do one on her brother. I thought it would be neat to look back on, many years down the road. I think it's one for the memory book. What do you think? Enjoy! Poem 1: Auto-bio poem Kaitlyn Great artist, always smiling contagiously, and willing to save a kitten stranded in a tree. Relative of Amber Stelly, the composer. Lover of Snickers, playing Michael Jackson on the WII, and her turtle Alex. Who feels that everyone deserves a second chance, that progress reports are just a way to give you a heart attack, and that the government should be spending more time handling people in poverty than searching for life on Mars. Who needs more vacation days from school, to eat more junk food, and be nicer to her brother. Who fears garden knomes that always look happy, spiders, huge corn fields, and being buried alive. Who gives her time to talk with people, full dedication to keeping her room spotless, and giving to the hungry, otherwise known as her sister's friends. Who would like to see herself live to be ninety three years old, her sister become a famous singer/songwriter, and the Beetles in concert. Resident of Cloud Nine, where nothing is impossible. Stelly. Poem 2: Bio poem of family member Amber Great taste, worth talking to, and always willing to help out. Relative of Tamara Stelly, the math whiz. Lover of Cheez-its, Ranch in her raviolis, and her gentle and beloved cat Sam. Who feels people should be nicer, happy most of the time, and sometimes lonely when her boyfriend isn't around. Who needs her family, love and compassion from the world, and Jesus. Who fears being crawled on by spiders in her sleep, losing someone she loves and cares for, and being eaten alive by savage snakes. Who gives her music, laughs to people who are sad, and her time to people in need. Who would like to see her mother become a successful author, her boyfriend visit her everyday even though he lives two hours away, and see her sister make a difference in the world. Resident of Narnia, land of anything and everything. Stelly. Poem 3: (just for fun) Bio poem of her brother. Mason Great athlete, spoiled at times, and kind hearted when he wants to be. Relative of Mawmaw Donna, the completely irresistable muffin baker. Lover of Smokey, his adorably friendly dog, baseball-man's second greatest sport (first is football), and meatloaf. Who feels that bullying should be illegal, sad when fussed at by Mom, and ecstatic ninety-nine point nine percent of the time. Who needs his mom's love and comfort, for the tacos at his school cafeteria to be less greasy, and a new DS. Who fears monsters in the closet, long dark endless hallways, and the nightmare of drowning in his Mom's Durango in the Mississippi River coming true. Who gives unlimited hugs, his artisitic drawings, and good manners to people especially old ladies. Who would like to see himself become a successful soccer player, his sister live to be ninety three, and a clean non-polluted planet earth. Resident of Atlantis, home of peace and happiness. Stelly. APPLAUSE!!!!!!! Seriously. Is there anything cuter than that?!! Have a fun time with your children and family members. Interview eachother. Make some memories and tuck them away so you can look back on them during years to come. Have a blessed day!
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  1. I am seriously IN LOVE! OMGoodness! That is SO awesome! I really truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. That girl has got some mad thinking skills! Tell Katie that I said she's my favorite of your children, but NOT TO TELL THE OTHERS! (Then go whisper the same thing to Ambz and Mase in private!) Love y'all!


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