Friday, April 15, 2011

Wish me luck.

You see that beautiful girl right there?
She's graduating highschool in less than one month from now.
My heart is filled with emotions.
On my dining room table sits graudation announcements, senior pictures and her cap and gown set.
I pass by them about a dozen times a day.
I just can't get myself to open the boxes up, and begin to fill them all out and address them.
We got her stuff in about two weeks ago.
I opened one invitation up, read it slowly, began to tear up, and quickly put it back in the box.
I haven't looked at them since...
I know I should be looking forward to seeing her walk onto the stage and receive her WELL deserved diploma...
But, all I seem to see, still, is her walking (okay stumbling) into my arms the first time she took her first few steps.
I was laying on the couch yesterday, when suddenly I felt her long soft hair drape over my face.
She was bent over the couch, and had buried her sweet face into my neck. I caressed her face with my hand.
My heart melted, as her head lay silently nestled on me.
Her aroma, just as sweet as the first time I smelled her.
Seems like only yesterday, I had her tiny little body cradled in my arms for the first time.
What an abundance of blessing she has brought to our lives.
My goal this weekend, is to get all of the announcements addressed and ready to mail.
Wish me luck...or send me kleenex!


  1. Awww....I love that picture. :) Did they come out well when you had them printed?


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