Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A love worth waiting for...

Psalm 27:14
Wait for the LORD, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.




Three very controversial words.

They bring out swords of opinions, as we draw lines in the sand of what we believe and don't believe.

What we feel and don't feel.

What we think is right, or what we think is wrong.

The subject of dating, and love, and virginity has recently come into our home, with full force.

We've talked about it with our two teenage daughters, openly and on many occassions.

But recently, and the age of nine, it has come up with our son.

He's a curious little fellow.  He's been asking questions since the womb, I think.

He overheard me talking to his sister one day about waiting.

In his curiousness he asked, "Well when do I get to date?"

Not that he wanted to date persay, but he wanted to make sure he was getting the same deal that they got...I guess.

So, there I sat,  perplexed and soul searching, once again for the right words to say, and the gentlest way to teach them.

I prayed silently to myself, seeking God for the right words.

We've spent countless times, explaining to our daughters why dating and love can wait for them...and that it will.

We've told them that their hearts are worth pursuing, and that "courtship" and "chivalry" didn't die with their great grandparents.

We've taught them to cherish their virginity, to hold it close, never being ashamed of it.

We've told them that their hearts are something to cherish, and to hold them tightly into their chest, until that one day when their mate, whose heart was delicately knit together to fit perfectly with theirs, will come along, and the freedom, want, and need to share their hearts will never be a question in their minds.

We've taught them that God is not only the author of their life, but also their love story.

He who created Love, has handcrafted theirs.

We've taught them since a young age to pray for their mate, asking God to bless their steps, even though they do not even know where their feet are planted or where they will take them.

We've told them that when that day comes, and they find that love they've been waiting for, it will be worth every second of  their waiting.

And then, we've taught them about Grace, how deep and wide it runs through our lives, piercing away at every mistake we will ever even think of making, gathering us up in His arms, and pouring out His love, that forever binds us closer to Him with every breath.

So...the only natural thing to do...was to tell our son the exact same thing, leaving out a couple of details that can wait a few years.

We pray over our meals at dinner time.
We pray for peace.
We pray for the bills to get paid.
We pray for strength.
We pray for safety on a road trip.
We pray to get through a test, or the first day of a new job.
We pray for health and happiness.
We pray for our almost empty gas tank to get us to the nearest gas station.
We pray for our favorite team to win the game on Sunday.
We pray to say the right thing.
We pray for healing.
We pray when we have no answers at all...seeking to find wisdom at the feet of Jesus.
We pray, and we pray.

do we pray over our children and their innocence? their hearts? their purity? their endurance? their love? their virginity?

Do we teach them to seek after what is pure and what is worth waiting for?

Do we tell them that no matter what the world tries to tell them, there is a love worth waiting for?

...and it's waiting just for them.

Seek and you will find Me...

I'm praying this song over each of my children today, believing that they will find... 
a love worth waiting for.

Song of Solomon
He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.

Song of Solomon 2:7
Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.

Be blessed today!

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