Friday, September 2, 2011

The post birthday post!

Hey Yall!!
So, my birthday has come and gone.
My day began with a simple gesture from my Hunka-Hunka-burnin' love!
I was woken up by a text message from him.
If you know him, and know that he IS NOT a texter, you'd know what a BIG deal this was.
It read:
Happy Birthday my Baby. I love you and hope you know you will always be as beautiful as the day I met you. Have a wonderfully blessed day. Love you.

He told me last night at dinner that it took him a reeeaaaalllllllly long time to write it.
(smiley face)
When I stumbled out of bed, I crawled into the kitchen to an already brewed hot pot of coffee.
My favorite coffee cup was sitting next to a clean spoon.
In front of my cup, lay a paper towel rose that he had made for me.
Awwww, shucks.
After almost 22 years together, we've learned to make the little things the big things.
I spent the early morning visiting with my kids and hearing about the girls' church service the night before.
To hear your kids' excitement about hearing God's word is a gift in itself.
My little guy Mason had made me a homemade card and handed it to me as I sat with my warm cup of coffee.
It read:
What I love about the Best Mom ever.
Happy Birthday
She has a heart the size of earth.
Her laugh, I love seeing her laugh when the dude on the fiber said: fiber makes me sad.
I don't care what happens she'll allways Be The Best mom ever.
Happy Birthday
(he is talking about the Fiber One commercial. LOL)
He's the best little boy ever!!
I then loaded up the kids and we headed out the door to my job.
My girls helped me clean which I thought was very selfless of them.
we went to my friend Jodie's house to enjoy some togetherness and chocolate cake.
Homemade chocolate cake!!
Even the icing was homemade!!
She is my hero!!
Girl...I loves you as much as I loved that chocolate icing!!
If you want to see some of her greatness go visit her here:
It was a wonderful visit.
Our youngens played together and we enjoyed some fun coffee talk.
Then, another friend arrived to join the celebration.
My sweet friend Kari!
I call her my Lil' Lagniappe (A little extra!) cuz she is a tiny little thang.
You may visit her here:
Here are a couple of pics to commemorate the celebration:
I'm so grateful that I did not burn down her house with all of those candles. I don't think I would have been invited back to her lovely home. We enjoyed the afternoon laughing and cutting up like some little school girls.
My girls joined our gathering around her beautiful wooden table, to make some great conversation.
Some sweet memories were made.
My friend Jodie had a basket of little papers on top of her table.
My girls asked what they were for and she said they were for their "window of thanks".
Behind me was a window leading out to her carport.
Taped to the window, were many pieces of paper that her and her little family had written on, and said what they were thankful for on certain days.
What a beautiful idea!!
We read a few and giggled.
Then my daughter slowly slid one of those pieces of paper towards me.
It sweetly read:
I'm thankful that my mom lived to be 39. (smiley face)

I fought back the tears.
Then held it up to my heart and sighed.
I quietly thanked God for the same thing.
The little things...
it's all about the little things.
My sweet friend Kari gave me a little bag of goodies and a beautiful card, but I will keep what she wrote in the card between the two of us.
Then, she gave me a gift that I did not expect, and it brought me to tears.
The gift was in her prayers.
She said that she prayed for me before writing in my card.
What a gift!
Thank you Kari, you are a blessing in so many ways.
Throughout the day I recieved many facebook messages, phone calls, and text messages from some of my family and friends.
Man, did I feel blessed beyond words!!
I'm one lucky woman.
(And I actually didn't know I knew that many people. LOL)

A person can't have too many friends!!
Friends are a gift from the Lord!
Cherish them well!!
The day ended with a nice dinner with my family, at a local chinese restaurant, compliments of my Mimi!
Love you Mi!!
She gave me a bag filled with the best lotions and smell goods from Bath & Body Works!
(one of my favorite places on the planet!)
My mother-n-law gave me a beatiful bouquet of white daisies, with one red rose in the middle.
Simply divine!
My kids went in together and bought me this book:
They know their momma so well!!
I can't wait to start reading it!
We did take some great pictures on my new phone, but I am a slight bit electronically challenged, sort of like a Do-Do Bird, so I can't figure out how to download them just yet.
If and when I figure it out, I will post them.
(Wish me luck!)
I can honestly say it was one of the best birthdays ever!!
I enjoyed the day immensely and slowly breathed in all of the goodness around me.
Thank You Jesus for such a sweet day of living!!
A day filled with little glimpses of You!
The little things...breathe them in one moment at a time!
I Thessalonians 5:18
In everything give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
Psalm 103:1
Bless the Lord O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name.

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