Thursday, September 8, 2011

The stars in my eyes.

As you know, yesterday was our anniversary.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it as a 25!

It was that great!!

Our kids decided that they wanted to treat us out to dinner, to celebrate the occassion...their treat. read that right.

Their.  Treat.

They had all been saving up their own money from either working, babysitting or their own birthday money.

Be still my heart!!

Here they are in the backseat on our way to dinner.

(iPod picture, not the best, but it will do)

 How cute is that!?!

They decided to bring us to Texas Roadhouse.
They knew their dad would want the biggest slab of cow he could sink his teeth into.

We ordered our food and began to enjoy some fun conversation.

I still sit amazed at times, wondering, how ever did we get so blessed, to have three such awesome kids.

I wonder.

We giggled and talked as we waited for our food.

They snapped this picture of us as we sat waiting.

(again, iPod)

When we received our food, it looked like they were filming an episode of Man vs Food.
They don't call it Texas Roadhouse for nothin'.

After we were settled with our food in front of us, my husband asked our oldest daughter to say Grace over our meal.

We all held hands and bowed our heads as she prayed, giving thanks over the meal and over our family, asking God to bring us even closer to one another as we move into the next season of our lives.

That had to be one of the sweetest moments ever.

Proverbs 22:6
Train a chld in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn away from it.

We were just about finished eating, when we heard a loud noise coming towards our table.

Our kids had secretly arranged for the staff to celebrate our anniversary with a LOUD celebratory clapping song.

We had noticed the staff celebrating birthdays throughout the evening, but our kids assured us that they would not do that to us, on account that they would be embarassed.

We believed them.

As they approached our table they all smiled with giddy guilty grins!

They had decided to get us back for all the times we embarassed them.


Embarass our kids?

Hog wash!!

Yeh well...they got us back.

Let's just say, there was shouting, clapping, a saddle, a spot light, blushing faces, and there may or may not be a video of the whole thing floating around on my daughter's iPod.
(note to self: get that iPod!!)

That's all I'm sayin'.

At the end of our meal, they decided that we needed dessert.

They said that we should go to a local ice cream shop and share a banana split.

My husband and I shared a banana split on our very first date together, so they insisted we do the same thing, being it was our 20th anniversary.

How sweet is that!?!

We left the restaurant and went down the road to the Borden's ice cream shop.

We were much too full for an entire banana split, so we all opted to get a single scoop cone.

The ice cream shop was pretty much empty, with only us and a couple of other people on the opposite side of the bar.

As we were ordering our ice cream, I noticed someone familiar.

As I took a closer look, without looking obvious, I knew who it was.

Faith Ford.


Faith.  Ford.

Ya know?

Murphy Brown.
 Hope and Faith.
The Pacifier with Vin Diesel.


Faith Ford!!

I quietly asked the worker behind the counter if I was seeing who I thought I was seeing.

She said it was her.

I smiled and kept quiet.
She looked as though she might have come to this quaint little ice cream shop to avoid a huge crowd.
I glanced over at her and gave her a quick grin, not saying anything.

I began to pay for our ice cream, when I noticed her walking towards our table where my husband and two of the kids were sitting.

She was in town promoting an upcoming movie that was being shot here in Louisiana, called Escapee.
(she is a native of Alexandria/Pineville are)

She began to speak to my husband and kids.

Then her producer walked over to the counter, and began talking to me and my daughter.

Before you knew it, we were all talking with Faith Ford like we were long lost friends.

She said we had a beautiful family.
Awwwe, shucks.

She was so nice and down to earth.
 Her smile was breathtaking.

We talked for a while and she asked lots of questions about us, like we were the stars instead of her.

She was intrigued with Us!

That impressed me.
I even thought she was gonna hug me when she told us bye.

My family told me afterwards that they were impressed with me keeping my composure through the whole thing, not asking for an autograph or a picture.

(I may or may not have, jumped over a fence this one time when I saw Ben Affleck, or I may or may not have, jumped on LeeAnn Womack's tour bus to get a picture of her.)

I responded...
"Tonight is a celebration of us. Our family.  I didn't want anything to distract me from the stars already in front of me."

They take my breath away each and every day.

It was a neat ending to an already perfect night!

Psalm 36:8
They relish and feast on the abundance of Your house; and You cause them to drink of the streams of Your pleasure.

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  1. How awesome! Glad you had such a wonderful celebration!


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