Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Choosing to see the Joy!

I've been trying my best to wean myself off of the internet a bit.

It seems as though, I can spend hours and hours at a time just looking, reading, and stalking.

Don't get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE the internet!!

It brings me such delight!

So much so, that I decided to write a poem about it titled:
Oh, How I Love the Internet...Let Me Count The Ways.

2. blogging
3. Pinterest
4. reading blogs
5. Yahoo news
6. Pinterest
7. Youtube music videos
and finally,
8. Pinterest!

You see?
I think I may have a bit of a problem here.

I began to realize that I was missing a whole lot of good things during those many hours on the internet.

Even though I think the internet is a great place, an excellent source of information, a great way to reach out to those you love, and a wonderful way to be ministered to and minister to others,
I was choosing the wrong Joy.

I learned a long time ago, the difference between "happiness" and "Joy".

Happiness is momentary.

Joy is everlasting!

We can either choose bits of happiness here and there, that only last for a little while, leaving an unfulfilled empty spot, or we can Choose Joy and let it last forever within our hearts.

The internet, and all it's wonder, just makes me happy.

There isn't anything wrong with feeling happy, but I needed to break away a bit and notice there was so much more I could be doing with the time I was spending on the internet.
I began to realize that there was so much Joy around me, that needed my attention more than the momentary happy feelings I was getting from the internet.

I needed to remove my hands from the keys, step back from my laptop, and wipe my cyber cloudy eyes.
(At least for a little while.)

I needed to open my eyes and really choose to see the Joy that was around me, within my arm's reach.

When I did that, I saw the things I had chosen to miss out on.

I realized,
that there was a whole lotta Joy!

So, I decided to write another poem titled:

Oh, How I Love My Life...Let Me Count The Joy!

* Being home with my kids everyday after four years of full time working and missing way too much of them.

* Watching their minds grow and stretch as we homeschool.

* Quiet mornings with just me and my Savior, welcoming the day with His Word and prayer, and not having to rush out the door carousing the children to school and myself to work.

* The one hundred "I Love Yous" I get to hear all day long from my little guy.

* The available time to clean out an overstuffed closet here and there.

* Not having extra money in the bank after paying bills, but never doing without what is needed to survive.

* Depending solely on my Father's works and not my own.

* Appreciating my warm, cozy little house more and more, as the weather turns cooler.

* Smelling my $1 Spiced Pumpkin candles burning all day.

 * Welcoming my husband home in the afternoon with a sweet kiss, a homecooked meal and a smile on my heart.

* Being deeply in love with him after 22 years together, in spite of the obstacles we have faced, and only because of God's unending Grace.

* Reading a book.
( I'm reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett at the moment.)

* Passing up the overflowing basket of dirty laundry to play kickball outside with the kids.

* Collecting pine cones with the kids to make some fall crafts.

* Noticing how the sun beams in through my kitchen window lighting up the fall flowers on my table.

* Listening to the birds sing praises to the new day.

* Verbal communication with a friend on the phone.

* Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that I am right where God wants me for now, and NOT having a clue of what He has in store for me tomorrow.

* Being able to live a redeemed life with conviction and praise because of the Cross, and not a life of condemnation and regret because of sin.

* Sitting on the couch watching Transformers: Dark of the Moon for the fifth time, in two days, with my little guy.

* Looking out my kitchen window, while washing a sink full of dirty dishes, and seeing the gorgeous green grass of our one acre of land, that will be completely paid off and all ours, in five short glorious months!

* Arguing with my teenage daughter to do her schoolwork, knowing that it will be worth it at the end of the school year.

* Hearing the swooshing of the trees, as the first real cold front of the year blows in, welcoming  the Fall season.

* Watching the kids run through the yard while our little dogs chase them.

* Making our first mug of cocoa, whip cream and chocolate sprinkles of the season.

* Baking goodies with the kids.

*Actually applying some of the great ideas I found on Pinterest to my home.

* Planting orange and yellow Mums all over the back yard.

* Having coffee with my sister early Sunday morning.

* Sitting with my little guy as he reads his book to me.

* Standing in the yard and visiting with my neighbor.

* Hugging my kids throughout the day.

* Garage saling at 6:15 on a cool Saturday morning, with my coffee mug in hand, and a dear friend by my side.

* You.

Psalm 4:7
You have given me greater joy than those who have abundant harvests of grain and new wine.

What Joy do you choose to see today?

Please share in the comments below!

Be blessed today!!

Choose Joy!

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  1. I expect someone to knock on my door any day now with a "surprise" loan of "The Help" and a few hours for girl talk! Love you!


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