Friday, October 21, 2011

Fabulous Blog Friday! Week 2

This week's Fabulous Blog post is written by one of my favorite blog writers.

Oh! Who am I kidding?
They are all my favorite!!

I've just grown so attached to these wonderful people who welcome me into their life each day.
They may not know that we're friends,
but they touch my heart on most days.

Sometimes making me giggle.
Sometimes making me cry.
Sometimes making me evaluate my heart and my intentions.
Sometimes absolutely leaving me speechless.
They are teachers, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, speakers, authors and even world travelers.
They share, teach, encourage and inspire.
They are friends.

So without furthur ado...

this week's Fabulous Blog is by:

Sarah Markley
The Best Days of My Life

(click link above picture to read her blog post)

Please take time to read her personal story that is located to the left of the page.

Her story is one of tragedy, redemption and healing.
It is an amazing and inspiring story of God's unending grace!
You won't be disappointed.

Oh yeh, I almost forgot!
The guy that I blogged about on Fabulous Blog Friday last week, Tyler Tarver,
blogged about me this week!

Well, kinda sorta...he shared my link about his blog, on his blog.

You follow?

Any way...

I'm #12 on his 13 Thoughts blog post.
And...I really didn't lie about him.
He's a really talented guy!
Go check it out!


Have a blessed weekend!!

See you next week!

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