Friday, November 4, 2011

Fabulous FUNNY Blog Friday!! Sensitive may want to pass this one up!

I am super excited to introduce this week's Fabulous Blog choice!!

This week belongs to the one and only Mrs. Jodie Dardeau at Velour blog.

I met Jodie a year or so ago, after I stalked her.

It wasn't at all the way it sounds...

ugghhh, okay...wait, no... yes it was.

I  found her blog, stalked her blog, then stalked her, God allowed this stalker to meet her a totally public and safe environment, we found eachother to be incredibly hilarious, lovers of words and then wammo! pahdoww!

We became great friends!!

See there...a wonderful happy ending.

There really is an innocence in blog-stalking with us bloggers, it's perfectly normal.
(Just thought I'd clear that up.)

Here is a picture of us when we met.
Yes...I took pictures.
That's not wierd at all.

We are the two on the right of the picture.

(The other two on the left are my dear friends. They Rock!)

Okay...I just realized that this has kinda become about Moi...I'm sorry,
ehemm...moving on.

Jodie is amazingly talented with words.
There aren't even words to describe her wordiness genius-ness...
there really isn't.

She is a wife, a mom, a writer, a great listener,a lover of all things old, a Goodwill hunter, a crafter and very wise beyond her years.
Her heart is unbelievably big!
She brings to my life such sweet delight!

Smooth like velvet, only stretchier.

Please enjoy her very funny post:
my unbucket list

Come back here next week to read my unbucket list.

I'm writing today at Joli Blog for our Redeeming Love book discussion.
Go on over if you have a chance and join the discussion.

Have a blessed weekend!

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