Monday, November 7, 2011

Some things never change.

My Katy walked in my bathroom yesterday with her face revealing much frustration.

She was doing her best to get ready for church, but couldn't seem to get things quite right.
You know those mornings.

She walked up to me with her hair dryer and brush in hand and pleaded,
"Mom...would you help me blow dry my hair please?"

Without even a thought, I took the brush and hairdryer and began drying her hair.

She stood before me, in front of the mirror.
 Her beauty radiated in my small bathroom.

I began to blow dry her hair and realized that I couldn't reach the top of her head.

My beautiful little girl has recently passed me up in height.

At the age of 14, she is a long slender five foot nine. not.

I giggled as I tried reaching up, stretching my arms trying to blow dry her hair. 
I knew she had grown taller in the past year or so, but I hadn't realized until now, just how much she had grown.

She smiled her little frustrated smile, as she stooped down so that I could reach her head.
She's not very comfortable being the "tall" girl, but I am confident, that in time, she will embrace the height God has given her.

To get her mind off of the awkwardness, I began to tell her about how when she was little, she loved to have her hair blow dried.

It was her favorite thing after her bath.
Many times, she would fall asleep as I ran my fingers through her hair as I blow dried it.
When I would finish, I'd say, "All done."
 She would then run her fingers through it saying,
"Nope, you missed a spot", in an attempt to get me to continue playing in her hair.

Her face lit up as I shared the story with her, once again, running my fingers through her hair as I blow dried it.

As I stared into the mirror at her beautiful long brunette hair moving and flowing in the air,  my fingers whisping throughout it, she looked at me, smiled sweetly and said,
"Some things never change, huh Mom?"

And for a moment, time stood completely and quietly still.

I saw my little, puffy cheeked girl, five years old, sleeping on my leg as I ran my fingers through her warm hair.
And then, in an instance, I saw my beautiful, tall, sprouting young lady standing before me.

My heart was hit with a painful twinge, as I saw before me, a lifetime of change.

I smiled sweetly, as I choked down the frog in my throat.
 Wanting to hold onto her tightly, somehow freezing time in the moment, I quietly said...
"No baby, they sure don't. They sure don't."

Some things never change...
but then again,
some things do.

James 1:17
Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Malachi 3:6
I, the Lord, do not change.

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