Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So here we are...2012.

Another year begins.

This is the time that we all make resolutions and begin a new something or other.

Not I.
I'm here to lead the revolt!

I say...Resolution-smution!!

I'm not dedicated to making resolutions, mostly because I never stick with them.

I'm not good at the resolutions thing at all.

My dedication is definitely lacking.

Case in's the 5th of January and I'm just thinking about resolutions all together.

Isn't that what New Year's Day is for?

Ya see... not good at all.

I've done many, so called resolutions in the past, but never seemed to stick with them past a week, or maybe even past the first 24 hours.

Which then would throw me into the whole,
 "I'm such a loser!  I can't commit to anything! Oh me, oh my!  Woe is me! I'm a horrible mess! Someone save me from my resolution disability!" pity party.

Then I wallow and cry in the fact that my ship has sailed and I am now a permanent resident in Loserville.

It. aint. purty.

I've done all sorts of resolutions, and seem to fall short every time.
I've even made a resolution to keep my resolution.

Big. fat. fail.

 I remember one year, I decided to give up mayonaisse as my New Year's resolution.

Yes.  Mayo-naisse.

It's my kryptonite.
 Along with chocolate, and peanut butter, and cleaning, and smelling food before I eat it, and some other things that I need not mention to further embarass myself.
(large "oh my goodness I've said too much" grin)

out of all the condiments, it's clearly the blue ribbon receiver.


I did really good for about a week, and then a hotdog made it's way onto my plate, and it was all down hill from there.

Hotdog with no mayo...that's obsurd.

Terribly obsurd.  Almost unthinkable.

(When they figure out how to put mayo inside the hotdog,  that guy will make millions!)

I've just come to the realization, that I'm not the greatest at everything, but what I can do...I'm pretty awesome at.

I don't have to compete, or change, or be who the world or the crowd or the magazines think I need to be.

I just have to be the me who God has created me to be, with my own inabilities and own successes.

It doesn't make me less of anything.

It actually makes me wanna be more like Him.

When I am busy "hating" on myself, I'm not applying the love that God wants me to give myself, His daughter, His creation.

When I pursue the things that He has called me to be or do, it draws me closer to Him and being in His likeness for whom I was created to be.

When I seek Him...I not only find Him, I find me.

I just think, that I am already hard on myself when it comes to, I don't know...everything!
  So why do I need to feed the fury, by trying to do something I know I will fail at or fall short of?


Don't get me wrong...
goals are great.
I believe there are great resolutions made by, and accomplished by, great people every year.

 If you have set one for yourself, I am definitely behind you and want to encourage you to go for the gold!

Give it all you got!
I'm waving my pom-poms in celebration for you!
You can do it!

Because, I do believe that God wants us to set goals for ourselves,
"to run our race with endurance",
to become the best that we can be,
to reach the unreachable,
 but not to the point where we harm ourself esteem by doing it, or where we take ours eyes off of Him trying to get to it.
Where we beat ourselves up and knock ourselves down.
Where we become our own doormat.
Where we feel less of who we are and incapable of what He has created us to be.

If I'm gonna be a loser at something, I'm going to be a confident one, and know what I can and can't do well.

Then I can focus on the things that I do do well, the things He created me to do, and make those things even greater!

And I know He will give me the strength and ability to do those things!
All of those things!

I Peter 4:10
God has given gifts to each of you from his variety of spiritual gifts.  Manage them well so that God's generosity can flow through you.

I Corinthians 13:12
Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.

Last year, I named my year.

That I can do.

It's not a resolution per say.

More like speaking into your year and declaring it to be something.
Speaking life into an area of death.

Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Romans 4:17
"call those things that are not, as though they were."

This year,
I am naming my year, the year of Being Open.

open-accesible to all, free from limitations, not shut or closed, available, generous.

I want to be open.

Open to change. 

Open to forgive.

Open to listening.

Open to feel.

Open to love.

Open to compassion.

Open to give.  Open to sacrifice.

Open to receiving.

Open to welcoming others into my heart.

Open to their embrace.

Open to growth, no matter what that brings.

Open to be a kinder, more supportive, and more understanding wife and mother.

Open to peace with my enemies.

Open to conviction.

Open to being easier on myself, because what I expect of myself is sometimes much different than what God expects of me.

Open to lay that self portrait down, and open to pick up God's portrait of me.

 Open to be a vessel.
An open dwelling place.
Wide open and ready for His use.

I want to be an open book for others to see His red lettering on the pages of my life.
I want to be an open writer, not holding back anything, so that those thin places in my life may bring wholeness to someone else and Glory to God.

Open to Jesus.

Open to everything He offers me.

Open to the move of the Holy Spirit as it dances and wisps around my walking, and sometimes weary stumbling feet.

Open to His voice whispering in the midst of the craziness and fog of life , "this is the way, walk in it."

Open to entering new doors and open to closing old ones.

Open to praise and worship and knowing Him deeper through it.

Open to His Word.

Open to His voice.  Open to His silence.

Open to hear, and see.

Open to His discipline.  Open to obedience.

Open to His will in me, and open to trusting Him.

Open to the stretching and reshaping it may cause.

Open to His love and affection for me.

Open to bring Him glory in all things.

Open to His unfathomable and irreplacable grace, that amazes me each and every time it's poured on me.

Open to freedom within His perfect embrace, in a broken world that tries to keep me bound.

Open to being open.

I want to be open, accessible, not closed, but available... to the life He has given me to live for Him.

John 3:30
He must become more important, and I must become less important.

Galatians 2:20
My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Acts 26:18
"to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me."


  1. Love this post. I am with you on all of the above!!!

  2. many things...

    1. i love naming a year... that one simple act and automatically you'll be more mindful of everything that runs through your hands this year. you'll now be more aware, more able to see all the ways that you're being more open.

    2. mayo for president. it's got my vote. :)

    3. thin places.... i love what you said about how they bring wholeness to someone else and bring glory to God. good stuff.

    4. down with resolutions! down, i say!!


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