Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Watch, Listen and Learn.

My great grandmother was a "people watcher". She loved to go to the mall, sit on a bench in the middle of the walkway in front of the stores, and just watch the people. She could do this for hours. I never knew what enjoyment she got out of it, until now. You can see stories happening right in front of your eyes. You can see parents trying to lasso their children. You can see couples in love out on a date. You can see new love trying to find it's way. You can see life unfolding in front of you. I've learned to appreciate it as I have grown older and, as she did, love to watch people. You can also learn alot by listening to people. I love to listen to people. People can say the funniest things,the most ingenious things and sometimes some really dumb things. I've been known for that a time or two. Some people may say that I am "nosey" or that I am "eaves dropping", but I call it being intuitive. (Smiley face) You can learn alot from other people by just listening. My husband has this eary ability to have a conversation with me, and at the same time, hear what is going on several feet away from us, in another conversation. I'm not sure how he does it, but I do know that I am not that much of a "multi-tasker" like he is. But by my listening, I have gotten ideas for alot of my blogs. Most of the things that people say seem to stick in my memory somehow. I love to hear the way that people put things together into certain phrases. One small sentence or phrase can speak volumes if you just listen. I believe that God speaks through people everyday and in a very profound way...we just have to open our ears, our hearts and our minds to listen. I was in my car this morning, driving on my way to work, when I heard one of those phrases. I was listening to a favorite female evangelist of mine and she was talking about being a "christian". She was talking about how alot of people love to go around saying that they are a "christian". She continued to explain that some of us think as long as we wear the label as "christian" that we don't have to do anything else. That it is, somehow our ticket into heaven. She said alot of us think, that just by going to church on Sunday, that makes us a "christian". Then she said it...one of the smartest things I have heard someone say in a while, "Just because I go sit in the garage for a week, doesn't make me a car!" Wow! That hit me like a ton of bricks. You know, it was one of those phrases that stings and feels good. It was one of those moments where you shout, " Ouch" and "Amen" all at the same time. Being a christian isn't always easy. In fact, God says in HIS word that it won't be easy. But, it can be done and living without Him is just not an option. Wearing a label on the outside, doesn't mean that you are branded on the inside. Saying we are a "christian" doesn't save us from our sins. Knowing that Jesus is real inside of us does! Allowing HIM to come alive in us does! Applying God's word to our life does! It is a commitment worth commiting to! I know so many of us that live all week long, wearing our shiney label of a "christian", and when Friday and Saturday come around, our label comes off and our true label is revealed. But, come Sunday morning, our "christian" label is back on. This is a dangerous road to travel, and it can only lead to spritiual sickness and even spiritual death. My husband and I were having our coffee talk one morning and we were discussing a few things. We were discussing some areas in our lives, that God had revealed to each of us. My husband said something that was so profound to me, one of those "Ahaa" moments. He said, "Jesus can come back on a Saturday night." Enough said! It left me questioning my own walk with God. Am I running around all week just trying to get to Sunday morning? Alot of us run around all week long, living our lives as we see fit, hoping to just get to Sunday morning and lay it all down at the altar. Somehow, we must think that God only sees us if we are in a church building. We forget that HE is the all seeing and all knowing God. Being a "christian" means relationship. That means that we pick up a new, fresh and everyday relationship with Christ. But, it also means we may have to put down one or two relationships that doesn't do our spirit any good. Face it, being a "christian" is hard work and takes sacrifices that are not easy all the time. But, it's the reward of knowing Jesus face to face that makes it all worth while. Proverbs 16:3, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." It is a daily commitment to wake up and serve God, not a weekly commitment. I've struggled with this many times in my life, swaying back and forth. I've learned that there is a huge difference in knowing the "Sunday God" and the "Everyday God". The fact is, I don't need God just on Sunday...I need HIM everyday. Each day I need to be reminded that I need my Savior to save me, walk with me, listen to me, comfort me...the list goes on and on. But you know what, HE needs me everyday too! He deserves my time every day. He longs for relationship with us everyday! He looks forward to you opening your eyes to HIM each morning. Don't make HIM wait until Sunday to visit with you. Is HE not deserving of more? Get committed to your everyday God and HE will commit to you. My prayer for you today is that you listen. Listen to those things people say that "sting" a little, but at the same time, you know it was exactly what you needed to hear. Don't allow pride to keep you from learning and growing. It would have done me no good to have heard either of these phrases and not learned something from each of them. Listening to what people try to teach us doesn't become learning, until we apply it to our life. Otherwise, it's just another set of words jumbled together. Let EVERYDAY be a learning experience between you and God. Watch today! Listen today! Learn today! Spend some time with the everyday God..he is the antidote for those "stings" in your life. Isaiah 51:10, "Who is among you that fears the Lord. That obeys the voice of the servant. That walks in darkness and has no light? Let him trust in the Lord and rely on his God." Matthew 6:33, " But seek first his kingdon and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

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