Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let yourself fall!

My three kids just returned home, from a small weekend vacation with their grandparents. They went to Galveston and enjoyed some fun in the sun and water. That's what summer time is all about, right? Fun in the water. Fun in the sun. The kids had a ball, especially my seven year old son. He definitely made the most of the sand at the beach. They were going to go to the water park, but the weather turned bad, so they declined and changed their plans for the day. I remember enjoying the summer also as a child. We grew up in Texas, so we went to the beach often. I have many fun memories that went with the summer time. My siblings and I, would play for hours in the sand and in the water. When we would return home, get settled in and clean up from our day, we found sand in places on our bodies, that we didn't even know existed. When we were all older, we decided to try and relive some memories. We all got together and went to a water park. Let the fun begin! Needless to say, the body doesn't work near like it did when we were children. Limbs move much easier and seem to flow nicer as a child. As an adult...things become...well, less limber! The most popular thing at the water park, was the tallest water slide they had. Of course it was! Because it required the most guts and gave you the best adrenaline rush. Or, like I call it...the one that caused the most fear. I remember how I felt as we walked up to the slide. There were probably fifty people in line waiting to get on the slide. The stairs leading up to the slide, went as high as I could bend my neck back, to look at the tippy-top of it. It was the highest slide I had ever seen. I swallowed a huge gulp of fear down my throat. I was uneasy the entire time I inched up the stairway, getting closer to my fearful plunge with each step I took. My heart raced. But, I still climbed...and climbed. Finally, I was at the top and it was my turn. I approached the spot where I was to lay down and get ready to slide down. The water was rushing down and I felt exhileration. The person working the top of the slide, gave me the instructions I needed to have a safe ride on the slide. I lay there heart was pounding. I looked in the eyes of the worker, and I am sure she saw my fear. What was I doing? I felt like jumping up and running down the stairs as fast as my legs could take me. It was too late. It was time to let go and plunge. My lips were about to join together to scream out, "I don't want to go. I'm scared." Then...she gave me a small nudge...and I slid down. It was fast and I'm sure I lost my breath half way down. The funny thing the midst of my spastic fear...I felt free. It was exhilerating! I had let go of my fear, to embrace the water underneath me. I had to trust the slide beneath me, to control the weight of my body, as I soared down the water. The flight of my body down the slide can only be described as freedom. I was falling out of my fear and into my freedom! When I reached the bottom of the slide, my heart was filled with happiness. You couldn't wipe the smile from my face. And you know what...I wanted to do it again. I can only compare this to the most obvious situation in our daily life. I know many people who want to let go...and fall into God's arms, but they are scared. They fear the unknown. They fear the letting go of their own control. The fact is, when I was sliding down the slide...I honestly had no control...none. But, it felt great. I felt free. When we allow ourselves to truly fall into God and surrender our own control for His...we find that freedom. We find pure exhileration in our souls! The walk towards God might be a little scarey, but falling into His love will be the easiest and smoothest thing you do. It might be hard to trust Him to carry you, but He will...carry you...and He will carry all of you! It might be the gutsiest decision you will ever make in life, but it will be the one that will bring you the most joy. He will bring you to places within your heart and soul, that you never knew existed. Let yourself fall! Let go and fall freely into His love! Surrender to His control. And, I assure you, that you will wear a smile on your heart and face, that will never be able to be wiped away! Ephesians 3:12, "In Him and through faith in Him, we may approach God with freedom and confidence." John 3:30, "He must become greater, I must become less." **Here is another song from my daughter. I thought it fit this blog perfectly. Let it minister to your heart. Click on blog below to listen: Freefallin' by Amber Stelly


  1. She's baaaccckkkk! Glad to see you back! Very good. Enjoyed it! Make sure you call me! I'm anxious.

  2. i have taken a break from reading for alittle while!(shame on me) but i have just caught up and i will never let it happen again i just really enjoy reading the things u write way to much! i love you and i am thankful that u take the time to write for us everyday!
    love ya like crazy!


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